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Latest Trends in Business Cards


Business cards have been an integral part of business dealings for decades, but those standard rectangles have come a long way since their early years. Now there are plenty of options to help you make your business information stand out from the crowd. Check out these latest trends in business card printing.


Sticker Cards

Want a business card that will stick with your potential client forever? Sticker business cards are one of the hottest ways to share contact information and advertise your business today. These cards are either sold individually or in a roll. Business card stickers can adorn presentation folders, promotional materials and even be used as a name badge at trade shows!


Die Cut Cards

The standard rectangle card is so last century – today’s card is all about unique shapes that stand out from the rest. Choose a basic round card or select a shape that illustrates your business. Some standard rectangles are also sporting cut-outs in the middle of the card for eye-catching style.


Folded Cards

Business cards that fold into shapes and objects are just too much fun to throw away. Some of these business cards simply fold up to display a photo, but others are much more intricate; featuring actual objects you can create out of the card and set on your desk.


Plastic Cards

Plastic is a more durable material than cardstock, so your plastic business card is sure to withstand the test of time. These cards have come a long way since their introduction, and now sport bright colors and designs to compete with their paper counterparts.


Memorable Images

Business cards are about much more than providing information today; many boast spectacular graphics and images that make the cards shine. Begin with a company logo and then add color and an image that complements your company.


Glossy UV Finish

A glossy UV finish does more than make your card get noticed – it also protects the information more effectively. A glossy UV finish also brings out the colors and graphics in your business cards beautifully.


Business cards are still in vogue, with plenty of new trends to enjoy. Check out one of these new business card ideas to make your next set stand out from the rest.