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16, 2009

istock_000005254138xsmall For companies that provide products, a catalog is the foundation for any marketing campaign.  While companies like Sears built their empire on catalogs, even in today’s internet world, catalogs still play an important role in stimulating sales. Catalog printing may include a compilation of illustrations, photos, graphics and marketing copy that helps a reader make buying decisions.  However, what can really make your catalog stand out and promote better sales?  Here are three great tips for better catalog printing. Catalog Printing Tip #1: Colorize! If you want a stunning presentation for your customers, start by designing a catalog with lots of brilliant color.  Black and white catalogs can be useful for providing a simple price list of products, but catalog printing that includes top quality color product photos, colorful borders, and brilliant graphics can really catch the attention of a potential customer. Catalog Printing Tip #2: Size Matters Catalog printing generally comes in two sizes.  The standard catalog printing size is 8-3/8″ x 10-7/8″, and the digest size is 5-3/8″ x 8-3/8″.  Before you design your catalog for printing, take into consideration how you want to display your items, how you distribute your catalog, and total catalog printing cost.  Larger catalogs are great for providing larger photos and more product detail, but can be expensive to print and mail.  Digest size catalogs are great for sending via US Postal Service, but the space is limited.  You can save a lot of money by deciding beforehand which size works best for your business. Catalog Printing Tip #3: Choose a Professional Designer Your catalog is an important marketing document.  Poorly designed catalogs that look sloppy, too busy, or are confusing will not help your sales.  Catalog printing should be appealing to the eye and easy to read.  Professional graphic designers can design a catalog cleverly using photos, borders, illustrations, fonts, headings, and that all important “white space.”  Choose a designer who has training in professional design and has quality samples of previous work.  They may cost a little more, but the end result will be a catalog that puts more profit in your business. Since your catalog printing is an important marketing endeavor, doesn’t it pay to do it right in order to generate the most sales?  Stick with these tips and your catalogs will end up dazzling and help your bottom line.

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