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19, 2009
Blank folder with scoring Larger than a brochure and flyer, yet smaller than a catalog, booklets are an ideal solution when you might need an employee handbook, sales piece, event program, or even a short investor report. However, booklets can come in many designs and can be fraught with mistakes along the way.  Here are a few important things to consider when you design your booklet printing. Booklet Printing Binding The binding of a booklet can be in many forms.
  • 3-ring – This type of notebook binding is popular because it allows the maker to remove or add pages when necessary.
  • Saddle stitching – Saddle stitching is very durable and used for booklets that should last and have a professional feel.  However, pages cannot lay flat with this type of binding.
  • Staple – One of the most popular bindings for business booklet printing, staple binding booklets are designed with an even number of pages.  They are then stapled in the center and folded.
  • Spiral – Also called coil binding, spiral binding should not be used for booklet printing jobs that need to last.  Pages tend to tear and binding can have a tendency to uncoil.
  • Thermal – Also known as “perfect” binding, this form uses heated glue to attach pages together, along with a cover spine.  This option is usually more expensive, but comes with the feel of a paperback book or magazine.
To Color or Not to Color? Color adds a certain professional look to a booklet printing job.  Particularly if you are making a booklet printing for customers or investors, color should be considered in the design.  For instance, if you are making a sales booklet printing order, yet include only black and white photos and graphics, a potential customer may not be as impressed as a showcase of crisp, clear, color photos. A black and white booklet printing, or 2-tone booklet printing, may be more appropriate for an internal purpose, such as an employee handbook or training manual.  Consider the cost of color vs. black and white depending on the function of the booklet printing. Consider the Order Number Many businesses have a tendency to order too few booklets.  Sometimes the reason is the cost of the booklet printing or simply an underestimation of the number needed.  Before making any booklet printing order, make sure you have the right number to prevent expensive re-prints or simply be left out cold.

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