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13, 2010
Loyalty is the key to every successful business.  Without the loyalty of repeat customers, your business would likely fail. These loyal customers help bring in new customers and can be counted on for continued revenues. Although new customers are essential as well, taking the time to send a special postcard to loyal customers will go a long way to maintaining that coveted loyalty. Thank You Postcards Customers are more likely to remain loyal if they feel appreciated. Sending these loyal customers a thank you postcard is a great way to send the right message of appreciation. An email is often deleted or treated as spam, but a physical piece of mail that says thank you is important. Taking that extra step of personalization will further enhance this simple gesture. By adding the customer’s name, you eliminate the cold feeling of a form letter. Also, make sure you establish the practice of sending a thank you postcard out within a week of receiving business from that customer. An aesthetically pleasing postcard that still includes your business logo and name will likely be displayed, meaning you get extra exposure. You’ll likely notice an increase in customer loyalty by establishing this simple practice. Incentive Postcards Make sure to periodically send postcards to your loyal customer base that include a special customer loyalty discount or some other incentive to revisit your business. The postcard printing could become a coupon if the customer presents it during his next visit, or simply advertise a special sale or event only available to special customers. Internet businesses can simply include a promotional code to be used at checkout for the next purchase. Reminder Postcards Reminder postcards are best used for businesses who provide a specialized service. For instance, you might send out a reminder postcard to loyal customers once a quarter to remind them to make an appointment or to reorder a particular item, depending on your business. It never hurts to include an incentive with your reminder postcards because it’s always important to keep attracting your loyal customers back to you. Sending postcards will help make your customers feel appreciated and special, especially when they get access to “deals” that aren’t for everyone. This will help build customer loyalty, all by sending personalized postcards costing under $1 to produce.

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