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19, 2010
bumperstickers As children, we all were fascinated with stickers. They are mobile and colorful, used to decorate and individualize almost anything.  But aside from a child-like curiosity, stickers have proven to be a very helpful business and promotional tool. If you have the notion to use promotional stickers, here are some sticker printing ideas and tips to get the best quality and options. Custom Stickers for your Products The products you make and/or sell through your business are unique. Why not emphasize that uniqueness with a sticker? Custom sticker printing can be done to help give your products pizzazz or simply to put your business name and logo on the product. Die-cutting is a process that creates custom shapes out of your sticker design so they can easily be placed on a safety helmet, a tool, your product packaging, or almost any shape. Design a sticker with chic graphics to help make your product stand apart from the competition. Add bold colors with a sticker. A sticker printing job can provide your business with a keen marketing tool that goes right along with your products. Bumper Stickers Why not design and produce a bumper sticker printing? Bumper stickers are a great marketing tool that gets noticed. Give them away to your customers and encourage them to place them on their vehicles or anywhere that they might get seen by a potential new customer. Of course, people are picky about the bumper stickers the place on their cars. That is why you should take careful consideration when designing one that promotes your business. Rather than producing a bumper sticker printing job with just your business name, why not use a clever catchphrase? Be careful of copyrights when using pre-written phrases. In addition, avoid creating a bumper sticker with too many colors. A busy sticker is difficult to read. Stick to a single, bold color, or use no more than two. Be sure that your bumper sticker printing text is high contrast for easy reading. Viral Sticker You could also produce a sticker printing that is viral in nature. Much like a bumper sticker, a viral sticker is something catchy and clever that people like to see and read, as well as want to display on their property. Be sure to use your business name prominently, and design a sticker that is simple yet interesting. Stickers have long been used for marketing purposes. Consider a sticker printing for your business to help promote and advertise your products and services.

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