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26, 2009
dvd-photo-istock1 The 21st century is the digital age.  It is common for businesses to use digital media for business promotion, and one of the most common tools is using a CD-ROM or even a DVD video. CD-ROMs and DVDs are great for distributing press kit information.  They are the perfect medium for providing clients with information at a trade show; your potential customers will thank you for not having to carry heavy paper catalogs for eight hours! Send a CD-ROM with your business software to customers.  Make a demonstration video and distribute on DVD media.  Perhaps you have important business documents you want to send as PDF files on CD-ROM.  CD or DVD sleeve printing will be necessary for all these purposes. If your business uses this type of media, or if you are thinking about including CDs or DVDs in your promotional arsenal, you need to have a professional CD or DVD sleeve printing completed for that expert look and to stand out from competition. Here are some important factors to remember about CD or DVD sleeve printing. Choose the Right Cardstock The type of paper used in your CD or DVD sleeve printing is important in protecting your business appearance.  You certainly don’t want to appear as an amateur or one who skimps on cost with a CD sleeve printing on regular paper.  Be sure you have a professional printer perform the job and choose the right cardstock.  Typically, CD or DVD sleeve printing includes a quality, 12pt to 15pt cover stock. Opt for Glossy or Matte Your CD or DVD sleeve printing can have a glossy or matte coating.  Most printing companies will have these options and offer a coating for free with certain orders.  A glossy coating will help your CD sleeve printing job look more brilliant and professional.  Matte coatings will also give that professional appearance and a more subdued look to your sleeve printing design. Consider Design Templates CD and DVD sleep printing is used so often that a variety of templates are available.  You can simply perform a search online and find a template for CD sleeves.  Include your own text and even your own images.  There are plenty of quality templates that can help give your CD sleeve printing job a professional look and feel. Prepare for CMYK Printing If you create your own design, be sure your CD or DVD sleeve printing design is prepared for CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK) printing.  Many times, businesses make a great design using RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) software, but don’t know how to convert the image file for the printing.  Check your software and be sure you are able to provide your printer with a quality CMYK file.

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