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13, 2009
lh_4lg Whether you operate a sole-proprietorship or a major corporation, your business needs letterhead printing to create a professional look in your correspondence.  Gone are the days of simple black and white type of business names and addresses at the top of letter paper.  With easy and economical laser printing techniques, you can design a letterhead printing that captures your full color logo, tag line, and other creative devices that sets your business apart. Here are 4 great ideas that can help your letterhead printing become a work of art: 1. Paper Color – The paper color you use in your letterhead printing doesn’t have to be plain white.  Although you want to avoid colors that are too bright or dark such as orange or brown, your paper color choice can add life to your letterhead.  How about a pastel lavender color?  Or other off-white colors?  Make sure your letterhead printing paper is light enough to add contrast to the text you will place on it later.  However, choosing a paper color that complements your business can help your business stand out. 2. Watermark – With today’s letterhead printing technology, it is possible to add a watermark on your stationery.  Many businesses add their logo as a watermark to help their correspondence stand out, and a watermark also acts as a security feature.  A watermark can be used to prevent fraud and give confidence to customers. 3. Unique Size – Letterhead printing does not have to be on standard 8-1/2 x 11 paper.  Why not take your business stationery to the next level by choosing a different size?  Even an 8 x 10 letterhead is different enough to stand out, but is still economical since it is a standard size.  Or perhaps your business could go with a 7 x 9 size, or go larger with an 11 x 12 size paper? 4. Embossed or Silhouette Cutout – Another idea for great letterhead printing is to emboss your logo or create a silhouette cutout rather than full color printing.  Embossing takes a design and stamps it into the paper so it has a “raised” look and feel.  A cutout is simply a small design cut from the paper in the shape of your logo. Your letterhead printing is essential for making a statement about your business.  Make that statement a bold one.  If you can afford the extra expense for one of these ideas or other great letterhead printing ideas, then use it to make your letterhead a design that customers remember.

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