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21, 2009
Giving a card Your business card is one of the most versatile and most used networking tools.  Each time you meet someone and talk about your business, politely hand them your card so they have a way to remember the conversation and contact you. However, with the advent of home computer printing, there is an overabundance of plain and boring business cards, most of which get tossed when the receiver cleans his pockets.  What can you do to make your business card stand out and still deliver a clear message? Nowadays, graphic design and printing companies have the technology to design and produce a multitude of creative business cards.  If you choose to spend the extra time and money on a creatively designed business card, people will take notice – and you could end up acquiring more business because of it. Here are just four creative ideas that are affordable and can make your business card “pop” out and in a potential customer’s hand:
  • Plasticize – Why go with flimsy cardstock that will fade, tear and wear out?  Create a business card printed on durable plastic in any color, including clear or opaque.  Plastic business cards have the same dimensions and thickness of regular cards and can easily be slipped into a wallet or purse.  However, they give the receiver a strong impression and a reason to take a second look.
  • Out Of Shape – 99% of business cards are 3.5 X 2 inches with square corners.  Why not have your card stand out with a different shape?  Even simple rounded corners or oval shape can give your business card a stand out.  Or why not go 4 X 1.5 inches?  Changing the shape of your business card makes you look different from the rest of the crowd.
  • Skip The Print – One growing trend in creative business cards is stencil cutting your info or logo through the card.  Make sure the cardstock is durable.  However, with a creative and eye-catching stencil design people take notice.
  • Colorize – One of the most affordable ways to make your business card pop is the use of color.  A colorfully designed logo or even a full photo printed to the edges of the card is attractive and noticeable.
Remember, you want your business card to stand out and be memorable.  Don’t go overboard on a creative design that looks snazzy, but is not practical for the receiver to carry or store.  When you provide some dazzle on your business card, expect the returns with calls to your business.

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