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20, 2009
ncr When you envision carbon paper, you’ll recall just how messy, wasteful, and time-consuming it can be.  Thankfully, with the development of carbonless NCR form printing, you now have many options at your fingertips to make your multiple-copy forms a breeze. NCR forms uses chemically treated paper that easily transfers written or typed impressions from the top page to subsequent pages.  Multiple-copy forms are used frequently for invoices, statements, purchase orders, contracts, receipts, and many other business uses.  Here are some great options you can use for your business. 1. How Many Parts? Your NCR form printing order can be performed from 2 parts up to 6 or more parts.  Typically, NCR form printing is done on 2 or 3 part.  It all depends on your business needs.  Do you need duplicate copies for your sales department, accounting department, and one for the customer?  Then 3 part NCR form printing will do you well. 2. Ink Options You will find that single color ink jobs are less expensive.  However, you may want to add more colors to the top copy of your NCR form printing if that is the customer copy.  You can opt for multiple colors on the front page and single colors on subsequent parts which act as business department copies. You might also consider double-sided printing.  On the back of the front page, you could include special instructions for the customer, maps, or all the “fine print.” 3. Binding Options Do you want loose NCR forms or would you prefer that they are bound together?  You could opt to have your NCR form printing bound at the top edge that keeps your forms together, yet easy to dispense one at a time.  You might also consider a booklet form.  Booklet NCR form printing allows you to keep numbered copies together with a cover wrap to insert between forms with filling them out.  Booklet forms might be a good idea for receipts, invoices, or sales orders, etc. 4. Numbering Numbering is important for forms such as invoices and purchase orders.  Keep your NCR form printing numbered sequentially.  You can provide the starting number to your printer so that your numbered forms continue without repetition. NCR form printing is great for common form usage.  Remember the options you have with your NCR forms and get the most out of each NCR form printing order.

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