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30, 2009
buld-idea-istock_000002080543small How can you design your catalog printing layout so that customers will most easily see your products and their details?   If you want your products to shine and translate into more sales, here are four important ideas for your catalog printing layout. 1. Column Layout The most easily read catalog printings are symmetrical and evenly spaced between products.  The column format is very organized and simply places a photo or illustration of your product with a description below it.  Column layout for catalog printing is especially effective for products that require more detailed descriptions, product specifications, and bullet lists of features. 2. Row Layout The row layout for catalog printing is another popular organized design.  This style uses table rows to display your product and provide a written description beside it.  Catalog printing sizes generally have a longer page height than width, allowing for more rows on each page.  This gives you more space to include more products per page. 3. Magazine Layout Catalog printing using a magazine layout takes up more space, but is better used when you want to include multiple photos of a product and have more space for text copy.  This style resembles a magazine article where you may find photos aligned left, right, and center in the midst of text.  This catalog printing style may be best used for high end products where you can include a close-up photo and multiple other photos with the product in use.  Magazine style layout may require both a professional writer for great copy, as well as a graphic designer for the best possible layout design. 4. Open Combination Layout The open combination catalog printing layout allows the use of a variety of layout designs.  You may include both row and column product layouts on the same page.  Or you could include a table grid of products within a magazine page layout overview.  Although there is more freedom with this style, it should definitely be taken on by a professional layout designer. Your catalog printing layout is an important design element for your promotional marketing document.  Take the time to consider how you want to list and highlight your products so that customers are compelled to buy.

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