28, 2016
4 Printing Mistakes that Kill Your Marketing Campaigns Print marketing mistakes can derail your campaigns in the worst way. Here’s what you need to steer clear of if you want to keep this from happening to you.

  1. Not matching the print to the setting. If you’re having your marketing materials put up on walls, make sure you take into account the setting and the location of your marketing materials before you have them printed. If you don’t, you could end up missing the fact that printing your marketing message on glossy paper works against you. This is especially true if the materials are set to be put on display through glass walls or where the light hits the prints directly to render them invisible. After all, too much brightness is blinding and thus, doesn’t help you reach out to customers as effectively as you might have had if you’d gone with a non-glossy paper in the first place. So always keep an eye on the location and conditions your print materials are in.
  2. Forgetting the size of your project. Putting in small letters can seriously compromise your print material’s appeal and usefulness. So make sure you keep in mind the size of your materials at all times before you send it to the printers and end up with a ridiculously small font size that no one can see, much less read.
  3. Not checking for spelling and grammar errors. This is a common oversight for many teams. Make sure you spend the time to go over your files to eliminate any errors. They might not seem huge to you but every error detracts from the value of your copy, diminishing your company’s performance and credibility.
  4. Choosing the wrong company to work with. The right company is the one that offers you the kind of print quality you need at a price point you can easily afford. If one of these two factors ever goes out of balance, then it will only make you and your customers suffer. So be absolutely sure you find the company that strikes the right balance between the two every single time. If you’re shopping around for a printing company in Irvine, contact us at Avanti Printing.

So make sure you aren’t making any of these print marketing mistakes. And if you are, then take steps to remedy the situation right away. The sooner you do, the sooner you can get your marketing campaign right back on track.

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