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24, 2010
istock_000009225185xsmall It’s time to set up that big printing job you need for your small business. Where do you turn for the best quality and service?  Of course, you could set up a print job with a leading online printing company, but you have a much better chance of getting the job done right the first time with a local printer. That’s why you should turn to an Orange County printing service. Southern California printing businesses have all the state-of-the-art tools you need to get the best results for whatever printing job you need. Brochures? Piece of cake. Business cards? Easy. Catalogues? No problem. And though you can also find these services online, here is why you should use a local Orange County printing service: Hardcopy Proof With an online service, you can get a screenshot proof, but you still don’t know how the product will actually look or feel. With a Southern California printing service, you can get a proof in hand to make corrections and improvements before the final job is completed. Costs the Same Online printing services like to say they will do things cheaper, but do they really? Free business cards aren’t free – not when they come with an unwanted advertisement. And full cost printing and shipping for average orders like business cards or brochures is actually the same cost if you choose a local Orange County printing service. Better Quality Your online choices are usually limited, but this is not the case with a local printer. You get the widest choices available for paper quality, ink quality, and the latest printing technology available. Best Customer Service Your local Southern California printing company can discuss your printing job with you whenever you want. It’s difficult to get a substitution or a particular addition to your print order when all you have is menu options on a computer screen. Come in and talk to your local printer. We can help you realize your printing concept, offer advice and suggestions for making your print job the best possible, and provide you with the best customer service not found through a computer. Your business deserves the most professional looking printed materials. Why put your printing fate in a faceless and unfeeling online printing service? Trust your local Southern California printing company to get the job done right, on your terms, and done with the most professionalism you can find in any printer.

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