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8, 2010

It’s important to make your catalogs user-friendly so that your customers will have no difficulty finding and ordering your products. This comes down to choosing a user-friendly catalog printing layout that will result in increased sales and exposure. Choose one of the following four tips to ensure your catalog printing layout is customer-friendly. Symmetrical Columns Research shows that symmetrical columns of photos with product descriptions below achieve good sales results. The catalog printing layout becomes organized and cohesive, signaling to customers that your business is responsible and your products worth ordering. Symmetrical column printing layouts also make it easier to add in-depth product descriptions and features lists to help sell that product even better. Even Rows Another popular catalog printing layout option is to make your rows evenly spaced with a photo of your product and its accompanying description to the side instead of below. This method creates an organized table and often allows each page to feature more rows, since most catalog paper is taller than it is wide. You can cut costs by using less paper to advertise more products. Magazine Styled Spread If you have high-end products to sell or would like to include multiple photos for each product, you might consider a magazine styled catalog printing layout. This method will net you less products per page; instead of using symmetrical columns or a table layout, the product photos will be dispersed at various intervals across the page, similar to a magazine article. Therefore, it’s also best to include product descriptions written by a copywriter, as well as enlist the help of a graphic designer for each product page. Creating a Combo The combination method is also best applied with the assistance of a graphic designer skilled in this type of catalog printing layout. The combination form allows you the flexibility to feature various layout formats on the catalog pages. For example, you can combine symmetrical column layouts with table row layouts on the same page, or combine a magazine style layout with a column layout. A professional graphic designer will ensure that the end result is polished and professional. Don’t rush into choosing your catalog printing layout without first viewing real life examples of the above mentioned layouts so that you can determine which one will best highlight your products and get those orders coming in!

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