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21, 2010
  Bookmarks are the perfect promotional giveaway because they are easy and inexpensive to create and print, and their intrinsic value, if done correctly, is much higher to your customers. Bookmarks come in handy for most people, and if they’re attractive, are often passed on to others. Bookmarks are easy to transport and can be easily printed in bulk so that you can give them away with every purchase, include them in mailers or even bring them along to business conventions and include them in a goodie bag. Follow these tips, and your next promotional bookmark printing will go a long way towards inspiring customer loyalty. Choosing the Right Bookmark Paper Cardstock should be at the top of your list when planning your bookmarks with your printer. Premium 14pt cardstock is ideal because the bookmark needs to be both professional looking and strong. Cheap, thin bookmarks that tear after one use won’t inspire goodwill in your customers. Choosing the Right Bookmark Finish Once you’ve chosen your cardstock, you need to choose your bookmark finish. Should it be glossy or matte or should you not use a coating, but laminate your bookmarks? A glossy or matte coating will both make your bookmarks professional looking if you don’t want the extra cost of laminating, so choose according to your budget. Choosing the Right Color Scheme Black and white bookmarks can be made to look artsy, but if your business is a pet store, you might be perceived as cheap. Full color bookmarks will stand out to customers, especially if you include graphics. You also need to choose whether you want a border around the edge of your bookmark, which is the cheapest printing method, or whether you want bleed printing. Bleed printing takes your bookmarks to the next level by having the color extend all the way to the edge with no white border. Maximizing Space Your bookmarks can be printed on both sides so that customers connect with your business, no matter which side of the bookmark faces up. You might also consider adding a tassel, making it more useful as a bookmark, simply by having a hole punched at the top of your bookmarks. Bookmarks are great giveaways, and if printed with care, will impress your customers as long as they continue to use it.

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