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7, 2010
CDs and DVDs are the perfect medium for distributing promotional material to clients and potential clients. CDs and DVDs are small, inexpensive, and can be created in your office with ease. You can burn a software demo, a promotional video, a press kit and even business presentations. The key is getting potential customers to play the CD/DVD and that begins with an enticing CD/DVD sleeve. Getting your CD/DVD sleeve professionally printed will be worth the expense, as long as you follow these easy tips. It Starts With the Cardstock Choosing to have your CD/DVD sleeves professionally printed is step one. Step two is choosing a professional looking cardstock to avoid the amateur look. It’s best to choose a 12pt to 15pt cardstock, which will enhance the graphics and printed material on your CD/DVD sleeve. This will tell potential customers that quality matters at your business. It Continues With Cardstock Coating Should you choose a cardstock coating, like glossy or matte, for your CD/DVD sleeve? Absolutely! Reputable printing companies will give you option of choosing a glossy or matte coating for your CD/DVD sleeve. A matte coating is a formal, ultra-professional choice, but don’t be afraid to choose glossy coating, which will help your CD/DVD sleeve pop, especially for a full color sleeve. Choose a Design Template for a Professional Finish An online search will yield many CD/DVD sleeve design templates for you to choose from. This will show you the parameters that you have to work with, so that when you go to send your design to the printer, you won’t have to tweak it or sacrifice any content. A design template will also give you the best preview on the final product. Get Ready for CMYK Printing Most printers want your design to arrive in their inbox in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) format but, alas, many software programs use RGB (Red, Green and Blue) and will require you to convert your CD/DVD sleeve design or just start over in the correct format. Save yourself time and hassle when creating your own CD/DVD sleeve design and format your design for CMYK printing. Whether you tackle the design of your CD/DVD sleeve yourself or hire a graphic designer for the job, preparing for the printer ahead of time will save you stress and result in an eye-catching final product.

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