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20, 2010
Despite rapid technological advances and the rising popularity of the digital age, business cards are still an effective and necessary marketing tool. A business card is small, fits neatly into a wallet or purse, and contains all the necessary information a potential client needs from you. Although business cards are easy to hand out, once they are in someone’s wallet, purse or organizer, that person needs a reason to pull it out and remember you. Unfortunately, with the rise of homemade business cards, many risk getting thrown out because they are boring and unmemorable. If you want your business card to stand out and inspire possible customers to contact you, keep in mind that by investing a little time and money with a printing company specializing in business card printing, you will end up with business cards that demand attention instead of divert attention. Here are four ways you can add a little pizzazz to your business cards and inspire potential customers to seek you out:
  • Paper or Plastic? Set your business cards apart and ensure they don’t get ripped or ruined by spilled coffee and print them on plastic. Plastic business cards come in a variety of colors, including transparent or opaque options, and they will showcase your business information the same way a traditional cardstock business card would – except it’s more likely to get noticed among the other business cards. Plastic business cards are the same size as regular ones; they simply stand the test of time better – just like your business.
  • Shapely Options: Most business cards are the traditional size and shape, meaning they are uniformly 3.5 by 2-inches. There is no law that dictates business cards can’t be a square, oval or rectangle with rounded corners, for example. A different shape will show that your business can think outside the box.
  • Add Texture: Instead of printing your business name like most other businesses, add texture by embossing or using a die-cut of your logo or business name to add creativity and liven up your image.
  • Forget Black and White: An easy and budget-friendly way to make your business cards shine is to inject some color. You might make your logo and business name stand out in full color or include a photo.
Moderation is always key, so choose the option that best complements your business and brand, and then go for it!

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