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4, 2011
Letterhead is still a vital marketing tool that every business, big or small, needs in its marketing arsenal. However, with the competition from online marketing, letterhead must be colorful, well-designed and attractive in order to catch and hold customers’ attention. Thankfully, laser printing makes printing custom letterhead easy and cost-efficient. Here are four creative design aspects to remember when designing your next set of letterhead. 1. Creative Paper Choices – Letterhead is no longer restricted to a simple white or ivory, but can be any color, provided it matches the tone of your business and doesn’t obstruct the content printed on it. Dark colors aren’t ideal because it makes it difficult to read the letter printed, but paler shades of bold colors will work beautifully. A pale green for a landscape architect works well, as can a pale gray for a financial firm. As long as your graphics and content will be legible, getting creative with paper color is a great way to add life to boring letterhead. 2. Get Creative With Watermarks – It’s easy to add a watermark to your letterhead, even if you are printing in-house. A watermark is a subtle way to add a specific image, photo or graphic that will enhance the overall design of your letterhead and make it stand out without detracting from the printed text. 3. Choose a Custom SizeAnother traditional format that can be discarded is paper size. Letterhead is not confined to the standard 8-1/2 by 11-inch paper any longer. Instead, you might choose a longer format or a smaller size, depending on what type of correspondence you’ll mostly create. The different sized letterhead will also help set yours apart from others. 4. Embellish – Embossing your logo or business name will lend your letterhead a professional touch and give it interest and texture. You might also choose, depending on the design of your logo, to make it a cutout so that your logo will appear only in silhouette. Letterhead represents your business on paper, so make your letterhead work for you by selecting a great design. You can combine these ideas or just choose your favorite to make your letterhead impress recipients and bring more interest to your business.

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