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9, 2010
With the ease and low-cost of banner printing, you can utilize these eye-catching marketing tools to convey your messages.  With easy banner printing, you can create a custom sign for your business window, use it as a promotional sign on your vehicle, introduce a new product at an event, advertise your business at a trade show, or even wish your spouse a happy birthday at a party. Although banner printing is easy and has many uses, there are a few things to consider when you make your banner printing order. Here are some tips to keep in mind: Hem and Grommets Is your banner going to be securely tied? You may want to order your banner printing with hem and grommets. A hem adds reinforcement to your banner edges, and brass grommets are reinforced holes where you can use rope to tie off your banner to a building, pole, or other secure structure. A banner flapping in the wind and exposed to the elements can quickly become shredded. Consider hem and grommets if you plan to display your banner outside. Pole Pockets Another option for your banner printing is to include pole pockets on the left and right sides, or at the top and bottom. Pole pockets can easily allow you to slip your banner onto an existing set of poles to secure and display your banner. Vinyl Banners Your banner printing job can easily be produced on high-quality, long-lasting vinyl. Vinyl banners are rugged and help extend the life of a typical banner sign, especially if it is used outside. Vinyl banners can be high-grade with a smooth, matte finish, or top-quality mesh vinyl with a rugged finish. Horizontal or Vertical Layout Your banner printing layout can make or break the pizzazz of your banner. A horizontal banner is most commonly used, but why not try a vertical banner printing that is attention-getting and unique? Banner Size The size of your banner is also important for a first impression and lasting impact. Traditional size banner printing is easy and cost-effective, but if you have a special product you’d like to promote or an event you are sponsoring, why not opt for an oversize banner to make the biggest impact? An oversize banner can draw a lot of attention and give your product or event an exciting element. Banner printing is a cost-effective way to promote your business, product, event, or for any special use. Use these helpful tips, and design a catchy banner that will improve your business.

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