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8, 2010
If it’s time for new promotional materials or revamping your existing promotional materials, pay close attention to the language you’re using to promote your business. Many businesses fall into the same trap of using language that detracts from your business, instead of drawing positive attention towards it There are five key phrases to avoid when developing your promotional materials to ensure that your message is getting across to customers as you intend, instead of scaring them away with phrases that are a big no-no in marketing.
  1. “We are One of the Best” – Never state in your promotional materials that you and your competitors are “the best.” This type of statement says that your business is good, but not the best, making customers think otherwise about purchasing your product or service. You need to tell your customers that your business is the best choice, meaning your business is superior.
  2. “In Spite of What You’ve Heard…” – You don’t want to introduce doubt into your promotional materials. If “popular belief” believes that you business is less than fantastic, why are they wrong? You want to appear confident in your business, and if, for any reason, there is negative connotations associated with your product or service, don’t mention these in your promotional materials! Instead, list your positive qualities.
  3. “If You’re Not Happy With Your Purchase…” – Avoid using negative words, meaning any variation of “no,” in your promotional materials. Your message needs to remain upbeat. There’s nothing wrong with assuring customers that your product or service is guaranteed, but you need to convey this in a positive manner. You can simply say, “We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back!”
  4. “Our Hard-Working Employees” – You don’t want to use your employees, no matter how valuable they are and how well they perform their duties, as promotional fodder. Employees are people just like your customers, and displaying them could come off as a put down, which potential customers will notice.
  5. “Business A is Better Than Business B” – Most people don’t respond well to mud slinging, whether it’s in the political arena or the business arena, so avoid it. There’s nothing wrong with establishing your business as the best option for a particular product or service, but you should avoid specifically comparing your business to another one.
Simply rewording existing phrases to comply with the above suggestions or crafting new ones will help ensure your promotional materials help your business succeed with customers.

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