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4, 2009


Are you gearing up to assemble your next round of promotional materials? We wish you the absolute best of luck, especially where your text and descriptions are concerned. Unfortunately, when it comes to promotional materials, the same mistakes are made over and over again. To avoid becoming a marketing mishap, here are five phrases to eliminate from your promotional materials.

  1. “We are Among the Best” – Why would you declare your competitors to be your equals, let alone potentially “the best?” Don’t feel the need to censor your overwhelming pride in your business or your brand. Declare yourself the best and nothing less!

  1. “Despite Popular Belief…” – Avoid sentences that qualify your company’s claims about their quality. For example, you don’t need to preface “Our shoe factory is the state’s best shoe factory” with “Unlike what you may have heard.” Don’t put doubt into your potential clients’ heads. Your promotional materials should leave them believing that they have never felt anything besides enthusiasm for your company or brand.

  1. “If You’re Not Satisfied…” – Avoid “no” speak. Sentences should always be positive, never negative. Even if you are setting up a money-back guarantee, try to use more positive language. For example, you could state, “Although you will be satisfied, we provide a money-back guarantee for all of our valued customers.”

  1. “Our Happy Employees” Avoid any text that labels your employees as “hard working” or “content with their jobs.” While your employees may indeed be very industrious and pleased with their careers, they are not Santa’s elves. Using them as marketing tools is dehumanizing, and your clients will pick up on that sentiment.

  1. “Our Product is Better than Their Product” – While you should certainly identify yourself as the leading resource in your market or field, avoid naming specific companies or products. No one likes a negative gossip, and bashing your competitor can often come across as annoying to potential customers or clients. You can gently hint that your rival companies are inferior, but don’t single anyone out. It’s petty.

If you can avoid these five marketing blunders, your marketing and promotional materials should turn out wonderfully and successfully.

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