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13, 2011
A carefully designed, attractive and legible menu is essential for any type of restaurant. Even a carry-out deli should put thought into their menus, although the end product will be very different from an expensive, sit-down restaurant. A restaurant’s menu is a key marketing opportunity that should be capitalized on. The menu is also a great way to inject a little personality to separate your restaurant from the rest. Your menu should be organized logically and make it easy for customers to focus on the food. Here are five menu printing tips to enhance your menu design. 1. Use Quality Paper Menus should be printed on thick, sturdy cardstock to avoid unnecessary tearing as they are handled by many people on a daily basis. Cardstock is more durable and comes in a variety of colors if you don’t want a plain white menu. Color is a great way to enhance any menu, as long as the food items and descriptions are easy to read. 2. Keep Menus Clean and New-Looking Whether you operate a casual or formal restaurant, if you have a standard menu that doesn’t change weekly, consider a laminated menu. Laminated menus prevent spills from staining or tearing the paper and allow you to sanitize menus after so many people have used them. Laminated menus can be bound in an elegant leather cover for a formal look or printed on a long sheet for a casual restaurant. 3. Table Menus If you want to highlight a special array of desserts, catering options or merchandise for sale at your restaurant, consider a laminated table menu that is designed to stand on its own and give customers something to read while waiting for food to arrive. Mouth-watering pictures never hurt either! 4. Kid Menus Kid-friendly restaurants rate highly with parents, and designing an interactive kid menu is perfect. The kids are busy completing puzzles and the parents can enjoy the time as well before the food comes. 5. Menus To-Go Any restaurant that offers delivery or carry-out orders need to print a separate “to-go” menu to include with every order. It should reflect the main menu in style and design, but be small enough to fit in a kitchen drawer for easy access. Printing delicious menus is a simple way to enhance your restaurant and keep customers coming back for more.

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