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13, 2010
Direct mail advertising with sales letters has its advantages, but sometimes you want to send a direct mail marketing message without the high cost of sales letter copywriting, printing, and postage. In cases where you may want to send a quick direct mail message to existing and potential customers, consider a postcard as a great cost-effective way to get your message across. 1. Postcards Are More Likely To Be Read When a person pulls mail out of their mailbox, what do they do? Most likely they begin sorting the mail – letters from loved ones, bills, advertising circulars, sales letters, and Oh! – a postcard. A postcard tends to stand out to a recipient, and they will at least look at the front of it to see what it says. Using the right design elements can help assure that your full postcard message does indeed get read by the recipient. 2. Target Your Mailing List What is the purpose of your direct mailing? Are you intending to invite previous customers back to your store? Do you want to gain more new customers? Remember that any mail advertising needs to be targeted to the right consumer. Try to obtain or build mailing lists with important demographic data. Your postcard mailing will have more impact when it reaches a consumer who wants and needs your products. 3. Catch Their Attention As mentioned, a postcard will likely get a first glance, and that first glance will determine whether the recipient will read more. Use colorful photos, graphics, and bold headlines to capture their attention. 4. Make Your Message Brief A postcard is not the place to include all the sales copy you would find in a letter. Instead, make the information on your postcard brief, but interesting. Use bullet points to highlight features or benefits. You may have space for only a sentence or two. So keep your message brief and to the point. 5. Include a Testimonial You might include a comment from a customer on your direct mail postcard. Showing potential customers what other customers think can help them make a decision about your business. 6. Generate Interest Now – Sales Later A direct mail postcard’s main goal is to generate interest. There is simply not enough space to provide a full sales message. Instead, you want to pique interest and have the customer want to know more. However, be sure you provide a call to action with your contact information. 7. Give an Expiration Date A direct mail postcard mailing is effective when it gives the message, but also a deadline. You may be offering a 25% discount, but tell the customer they only have 10 days to take advantage of the offer. Be sure your recipients know when they should act. Direct mail postcards are cost-effective for any business. However, having a strategy for design, printing, and mailing will help assure that your direct mail campaign will be a success.

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