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7, 2010
As a business owner, you have a lot to say in an advertising or printed material piece –much more than can fit on a regular flyer or tri-fold brochure. When you’re in a situation that calls for more printing space, try a booklet as a way to help you get more business. A booklet can be printed on high-quality glossy paper in various sizes. You could print a booklet with as few as eight pages or just about however many you would like to add. Remember that a booklet works best when it is formatted attractively for the customer, which may require the expertise of a graphic designer to make the information ‘pop’ off the page. How can a booklet work as a promotional tool? Here are seven ways it can help:
  1. Full Product Catalog – The full product catalog is probably the best-known method of booklet printing. A catalog with full color and catchy descriptions helps make your products jump off the page and assist your customers in making confident buying decisions.
  2. Seasonal Catalog – In addition to your full product catalog, you can also make seasonal or holiday catalogs. These are shorter than full product catalogs and contain the products you want to highlight as promotional, such as new seasonal clothing, holiday gift ideas, or regular menu specials.
  3. Informational Booklet – A booklet printing with informational content can be a great way to share additional and more detailed information about a certain product or even just about your company. The informational booklet helps your customers understand your products better and can provide an additional bond toward your company.
  4. New Product Release – A new product can provide great curiosity for your existing and potential customers. Give them the satisfaction of quenching that thirst for knowledge with a new product release booklet printing. Explain how and why it was created. Explain the careful manufacturing process. And most importantly, explain how your customers can make a purchase themselves.
  5. Instruction Manual – For some products or services, a customer may require additional information. To help assure that your customer is satisfied and will want to return, consider printing a brief instruction manual booklet for more complex products.
  6. Cookbook – A cookbook is easily printed as a booklet. If your business is in food service, consider a cookbook booklet printing to give to customers as a thank you gift for complementary use with your food products.
  7. Workbooks – Design a booklet printing project as a way to learn. You could develop workbooks for kids with projects like coloring, a wordcross puzzle, or other ways to teach them about your products.
There are many ideas for booklet printing that can help you promote your business and encourage customers to learn more about your products and services. Consider a booklet for your next promotional printing project and create a jazzy design that gets your booklet noticed.

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