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25, 2016
4 Best Tips to Finding the Right Printers for Your Business 4 Best Tips to Finding the Right Printers for Your Business The right printing company can make or break the quality of your print marketing materials. So it only makes sense to find the best one out there. Here are handy tips on how you can pull that off:

  1. Quality is the priority. Your print marketing materials can boost brand recognition for your business, if done right. But if the quality of your marketing materials leave much to be desired—poor paper quality, colors don’t translate well to print, the elements are all mixed and bungled up—then that might doom your business instead. After all, customers and clients along with investors are going to think twice about engaging your services if you can’t even manage to print out your marketing materials in a better way.
  2. Always shop around for prices, says iNSPIRED MAG. You might think you’ve found the perfect printers in Orange County but unless they offer the services you need at prices you can afford, then you’re going to have to keep looking until you find a company that meets your needs when it comes to quality and pocket-friendly concerns both.
  3. Drop by their office. To get a feel for the business, you can certainly try to swing by their physical office. That could net you a look at how the business works. If you spot any behaviors that seem off or if you see the business surviving on nothing more than an old pile of machines to get the job done, you might want to look elsewhere. After all, better technologies exist to ensure the printing process goes off smooth and easy these days. If the company is still stuck somewhere in the 19th or 20th century with the slew of printing tools and machines they have, then it’s infinitely better for you if you to opt for a company that’s already well updated with current printing practices and technologies.
  4. Find a printing company that offers ready assistance. It’s great to work with companies who offer their help to you every step of the way. if you aren’t really all too familiar with the steps or what kind of font size works best for what project or file format, a great printing company will be all too willing to lend a helping hand, ensuring that you navigate the entire process with as knowledge and help you need.

So don’t panic. If this is your first time looking for a wonderful printing company, then just follow these tips, learn more along the way, and you’ll do just fine.
17, 2016
Guidelines to Help You Choose a Printing Company With so many companies to choose from, it can be a teeny tiny bit overwhelming to find the best one to handle all your print marketing needs. Here are a few guidelines to help you decide which one to go for:

  1. Choose quality. Always check the results. Pick a company that can deliver print materials that demonstrate the level of quality you need. Any choice that offers substandard or mediocre results should be nixed.
  2. Consider the price. iNSPIRED MAG says it’s important to choose a printing company in Orange County that provides for all your needs well within your given budget. Marketing campaigns operate under a given budget. To go over that budget can send a snowball chain of events that could affect your project’s ROI and bottom line. So always make every effort to find the company that offers excellent services within a price range you can afford.
  3. Get referrals. These days, people go online to find all sorts of information, and that includes past business reviews of the company’s service from previous clients. Check review sites the company might be registered with. That or you can simply ask the company to provide you with a list of referrals from past clients. Make sure you don’t waste the information and opportunity, though. Call up those numbers and verify that the referrals are authentic. Take that chance to ask about the service of the company. Were they satisfied, happy or discontent in any way? This should help you decide if you’ve already found the right printing company to partner with or if you should keep looking.
  4. Look at experience. Well-established companies, with long years in the industry, are in the best position to provide with whatever print materials you need to get your marketing efforts off the ground. So don’t take risks with companies that are barely a year or two into the business. You wouldn’t want to risk paying for an entire batch of orders only to get dismal results.
  5. New and updated printing devices and technologies. It also pays to ask about the printing methods and technologies that the company uses. If the company is well versed in the newest technologies, that means they’re able to provide you with faster, better service. After all, improvements in technologies are all aimed at making the printing process much more efficient.

So get your print materials right and improve your marketing campaigns all by choosing the right company to partner with.
10, 2016
4 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Marketing Prints Print materials are one way to improve your marketing campaigns. However, a lot of blunders can get in the way of a successful campaign. Here’s how to make sure your marketing message comes across, loud and clear:

  1. Factor in the light, suggests a LinkedIn report. If you’re putting up those marketing materials on glass walls or spots where light hits the paper right smack in the middle, that could make it difficult for anyone, much less your target audience, to read and absorb your message. And it’s going to work against your favor if you end up going for glossy paper as well. The resulting image can be too bright that it’s blinding, sending potential customers scurrying away.
  2. Create a consistent campaign. If there are too many elements in your marketing materials and only a few of these elements personally match the personality or vibe of your business, then go back to the drawing table and try again. Whether it’s choosing the wrong color scheme or trying to put too many elements to the ad that it overwhelms everything else, finding the right balance among all the components used while trying to maintain a consistent tone and vibe is going to help make or break your brand.
  3. Keep the size of the project in mind. It can be easy to forget the size of your project once you get lost in the details of a project. That’s more reason to be mindful of the font sizes you use. It won’t matter if you employ the best large format printing services in Orange County if you send them the wrong details, including the wrong font size for the project. So always go over the details. That way, you can keep costly mistakes like this from happening.
  4. Edit. Edit. Edit. That’s something all marketing teams should never skip. Quality control measures must always be present before you launch any of your campaigns. That way, embarrassing mistakes in grammar, spelling or word choice can be avoided. These might not seem all that important to you but to your customers, especially those who value quality, will take one look at those mistakes and decide your company might not be worth the time and trouble.

So make the most out of your materials by ensuring zero marketing mistakes. To get in touch with a print company for quality prints, contact us at Avanti Printing.
4, 2016
5 Things that Could Be Wrong With Your Marketing Campaign You might be wondering why your marketing campaigns don’t seem to be doing well. Here are some of the things you can look into to find out what’s bogging down your campaigns:

Quality of the print materials

The quality of the print materials might be substandard, which can lead to bleeds in your ads. That’s something you need to discuss with the company that prints out your marketing materials. If this is a familiar problem with the company, though, you might want to look elsewhere.

Using images that aren’t suited for CMYK

This is a rookie mistake that many first time marketing companies make. That or a lack of guidance and help from the print company. It’s basic know-how in the industry that RGB (red, green, blue) colors are used only for digital designs and anything that needs to be converted to print must use CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) colors. This could be why your prints aren’t converting as wonderfully as they should.

Spelling and grammar errors

Rushing through the work to meet deadlines can lead to careless grammar and spelling mistakes that really stand out. It might just be a single word or phrase to you but potential customers, clients or even investors can take that to mean that you’re careless with everything else. That could hurt your chances of landing a contract or an angel investor for your business. So take the time to proofread and quality check your copy before you send it to the printers.

Sending the wrong file formats

The right file format is crucial to getting the results you want from the print company. Make sure you choose the file formats that match the print projects or large format runs you’ve got lined up.

Late materials

Marketing campaigns follow a schedule. If your marketing materials arrive late, this affects the timetable for the rest of your project. If the company that handles your prints is perennially late with deliveries, it might be time to consider partnering with another company. If you’re looking for printing services in Orange County, then we’ve got you covered. You can get in touch with us at Avanti Printing to know more about how we can help you boost your marketing efforts.

So get into the details and find out what’s keeping your marketing campaign stalled. The sooner you fix those problems right up, the sooner you can get back to improving the quality and reach of your marketing materials.
28, 2016
4 Printing Mistakes that Kill Your Marketing Campaigns Print marketing mistakes can derail your campaigns in the worst way. Here’s what you need to steer clear of if you want to keep this from happening to you.

  1. Not matching the print to the setting. If you’re having your marketing materials put up on walls, make sure you take into account the setting and the location of your marketing materials before you have them printed. If you don’t, you could end up missing the fact that printing your marketing message on glossy paper works against you. This is especially true if the materials are set to be put on display through glass walls or where the light hits the prints directly to render them invisible. After all, too much brightness is blinding and thus, doesn’t help you reach out to customers as effectively as you might have had if you’d gone with a non-glossy paper in the first place. So always keep an eye on the location and conditions your print materials are in.
  2. Forgetting the size of your project. Putting in small letters can seriously compromise your print material’s appeal and usefulness. So make sure you keep in mind the size of your materials at all times before you send it to the printers and end up with a ridiculously small font size that no one can see, much less read.
  3. Not checking for spelling and grammar errors. This is a common oversight for many teams. Make sure you spend the time to go over your files to eliminate any errors. They might not seem huge to you but every error detracts from the value of your copy, diminishing your company’s performance and credibility.
  4. Choosing the wrong company to work with. The right company is the one that offers you the kind of print quality you need at a price point you can easily afford. If one of these two factors ever goes out of balance, then it will only make you and your customers suffer. So be absolutely sure you find the company that strikes the right balance between the two every single time. If you’re shopping around for a printing company in Irvine, contact us at Avanti Printing.

So make sure you aren’t making any of these print marketing mistakes. And if you are, then take steps to remedy the situation right away. The sooner you do, the sooner you can get your marketing campaign right back on track.
22, 2016
Top 3 Factors to Hiring a Printing Company Choosing the right company to print your marketing materials is a very crucial step in ensuring your marketing efforts get off ground. If the company you partnered with consistently botches up your prints, is always late with their deliveries, or has a tough time delivering the specifications you require, then you should start looking into hiring a new one. Here’s what you must be on the lookout for when you choose a company to partner with:

Price is a factor

You’ve got a budget to work with, after all, so it’s not a surprise that price is a major consideration. Plus, it always pays to shop around. If you don’t, you could end up shelling up more money for services that cost less with other companies. Also, a hefty price tag really doesn’t guarantee that the company will deliver the kind of results that would make you and your customers happy. So keep looking around. Compare prices along with quality. Which brings you right to the next factor on the list:

Go for quality

Going for the cheapest option around isn’t always a sound option, not if you want to make sure you’ve got quality results in the bag. How? Check their portfolio online. Look for any work they’ve done so far. Familiarize yourself with their past projects. If possible, reach out to former clients and ask about the quality of the service they received from that company. Finding great printing services in California shouldn’t be a problem, so long as you take into account quality instead of focusing solely on price. For more information on this, contact us at Avanti Printing.

Reviews help too

There are also a lot of reviews for this service, so go online and check them out. Figure out if there are complaints lodged against the company or dissatisfied reviews from previous customers. While a negative review or two in a ton of reviews shouldn’t be a deal breaker, if it’s the majority of the reviews and if it sets up a pattern of behavior, then that’s one reason for you to skip that company and go to the next option on your list. So if you want to make sure you partner with the kind of company that won’t derail your performance with their own, then keep these tips in mind. And trust your gut feeling enough to walk away if anything feels off.
14, 2016
Finding Great Printing Services in the Orange County Region If you want to solve all of your printing matters, you are at the right place. Avanti is truly the best Orange County Printing companies. We always want to make our customers happy and try our best to enhance their marketing, as well as, handling all other business and printing matters. The success of every company relates to its marketing while marketing purely relates to printing of business cards, labels, brochures, etc. Not only do we pride ourselves upon customer service, our Orange County Printing company genuinely cares about your company’s success in that market as well. We are proud to serve our customers because they have entrusted us to be the best printing solution company of California.

Growing With Our Customers

Avanti Printing has built numerous long-term business partnerships over the years and we always grow with the success of our customers. Our goal is to always meet deadlines with high quality work while being cost effective. After having extensive experience in graphic design, we officially stepped into the world of printing because our customers were not satisfied with the work of other Orange County printing companies. After extensive research, our company has figured out how to cater to the customers’ needs and can guarantee them the highest quality of work, on time, every time. Exuding nothing but superior quality, our customers are always pleased, which has helped us market our Orange County Printing company as well as all of theirs. Building success together is priceless and we offer services and printing solutions that are not only innovative, but also unique and vibrant.

Printing Available By Us Includes:

  • Stickers for different products
  • Menus for restaurants
  • Door hangers
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Catalogs
  • Booklets
  • Business cards for employees
  • Postcards
  • Envelopes
  • Brochures
  • Letterhead documents for all organizations
  • NCR duplicate forms
  • In addition, many more to meet the needs of the people of Orange County’s, printing requirements.

Competitive Rates

The rates offered by Avanti Printing are second to none, especially in comparison to other Orange County printing companies. Never being concerned about making a quick dollar, our designs and ideas are well worth the investment. We are always there for you with low rates of our facilities and you can depend on us for the quality assurance. Only utilizing state of the art technology that is able to produce the best results, our free delivery, and superior service is something that is hard to refuse. We look forward to collaborating with you in the near future to see what great designs we can achieve together.
8, 2016
Pay Less for the Best Welcome to Avanti, the Orange County Printers that offer a one-stop destination for all your printing and graphic design needs. If you are searching for the solution of your business printing matters or need the best graphic designing in Orange County, you are in the right place. We are one of the leading Orange County Printers & graphic designers that are known for providing excellent printing and designing solutions to your businesses.

Our latest printing technology will provide you with all your needs by meeting deadlines with quality assurance. Not only do we offer a wide variety of printing services, Avanti is highly efficient in turnaround time and only offer cost effective marketing solutions for your business. In fact, we are the only Orange County Printers who offer you its expertise to facilitate you in such a short time without affecting the graphic or printing quality. That is why any business or company facilitated by us always prefers our turnaround time services to any other printers in Orange County, Irvine or nearby cities.

We also offer web services to our clients, you can easily access to our webpage and order now for your printing requirements. You can email or upload your requirements on our webpage, which includes the colors and sizes of all types. After receiving the email and uploads, we will deliver everything to your place of business (or whichever address was entered.)

We realize that time is very important for our daily routine of life and especially for the success of our business. That is why it is important to find the Orange County Printers that can handle your printing jobs and do it right the first time. Avanti knows what it is to be entrusted and holds that with high regard. Our digital printers enable us the ability to complete your projects quickly and reduce costs while maintaining the highest quality. Offering solutions for all of your business printing needs, such as leaflets, calendars, business cards, brochures, posters and many more.

Avanti also offers: Stickers, Menus, Door hangers, Flyers, Posters, Catalogs, Booklets, Business cards, Postcards, Envelopes, Brochures, Letterhead NCR duplicate forms, and many more, with our best Orange County Printers company.
We design the graphic concepts for both our large and small business customers and we have specialists for these graphic and design purposes. We offer the best Orange County printers and studios for production and an art team for designing that is second to none. Avanti will effortlessly handle all of your printing problems and anyone is welcome to step in and experience the best Orange County Printers of Orange County, Los Angeles, Irvine, and other surrounding cities in California.
3, 2016
Irvine Printing Companies Are Second to None Do you want to find the best printing and marketing solution company? We are the best Irvine Printing Company in which you can trust for timely resolution and high quality work. Not only is it fast and reliable, it is affordable and includes digital printing solutions. We offer our services to all types and sizes of companies in Irvine, Orange County, Los Angeles, and other cities of CA. Avanti is the only Irvine printing company, which provides the best printing services in different format sizes. We provide a wide range of products along with our expertise in marketing to serve our individual customers as well as small, medium, and/or large companies.

Offering High Quality Work
Quality and timely submission of work is our first and foremost priority, which has brought us up to the top and is why we are considered the number one Irvine printing company. If your company is planning for a seminar, employees training workshops or organizing a board meeting in a hotel in Irvine, you can email us the files you want and we will produce, as well as, deliver your collaterals to the conference room upon your arrival.

Our Services
The services we offer and excellence of quality in brochures and book printing, posters, calendars and all other marketing solutions for the last 10 years has made us a distinguished Irvine printing company in California.

The products offered include business cards for your company’s employees, a large variety of beautiful flyers and broachers, catalogs, comprehensive newsletters, postcards for your communication, posters, presentations’ folders, graphic designing, greeting cards, banners and more. Embossing, die cutting and foil stamping are also available to those who require such services.

Building Relationships
Becoming one of the top competitors in the industry, this Irvine printing company developed strong relationships with the paper vendors to provide you earth friendly and beautiful paper across North America. We provide loyal followings with our clients and always try to provide beautiful printing to them. Our staff works as a team and always focuses on providing excellent services to maintain the reputation of the company.

Our Mission
Avanti believes that meeting the deadlines with the satisfaction of customers and continuously providing the finest printing in Irvine, Orange County and surrounding areas, will continue to help our business grow. Our community connections always encourage the maintenance of our trademark of being an A+ Irvine printing company.

Online Printing Service
Online printing services are available and enable the customers outside the Irvine area to complete their projects through our website and stay connected easily to our Irvine Printing Company. All the color schemes, sizes, and fonts are available so you can upload the file and provide us with your requirements and we will mail you back directly, once complete.
3, 2016
Excellent Service with a Great Reputation At Avanti, an Orange County Digital Printing Company, we are proud to offer the many excellent services we do, as well as, live up to the reputation that we have built for ourselves. This Orange County Digital Printing Company is known for quality work and honest prices – while always meeting and exceeding our customer’s needs. Utilizing the latest printing techniques, there is not much that our company cannot handle. From inception to completion, we can guarantee great graphic design, superior quality, and top-notch services.

We are committed to making long-term relationships with our customers regardless of whatever their print requirements are. Whether the services are for large, small, or medium projects, Avanti is proud to be a part of your success story. Always believing in the partnership of offering help and advice, as well as, providing excellence through our Orange County Digital Printing technology.

Our wide domestic commercial printing facilities, located in Orange County, provides services to Los Angeles, Irvine and other cities of California. These printing facilities are capable of high capability printing, as well as, stationery creation and mailing services, which is free for inbound Orange County. So whether you are an individual or running any sort of business and want to make your business cards, company brochure, stationery, publisher’s magazines, etc. our Orange County Digital Printing technology will make it easier for you.

Our printing plant and machines are state of the art and offer the latest in technology to give you top quality results and service. We always try to maintain the software and hardware of Orange County Digital Printing machinery with the latest printing technology to maintain efficiency and cost effectiveness throughout the production process. This allows us to meet the comprehensive needs of customers for printing requirements as per marketing.

Our team members exude great customer care services because building a good rapport with them is imperative to the success of our company. Without happy customers, our success story would not be great and this story would more than likely be quite different. With our expertise and the latest digital machinery that there is available, we are very well known throughout the country as the number one Orange County Digital Printing experts. We offer all the facilities of printing to customers including stickers for your business labeling, menus for hotels and restaurants, door hangers like ‘do not disturb sign’, flyers, posters of all types, catalogs, business cards, postcards, booklets, envelopes, brochures, NCR duplicate forms, letterhead documents etc. Avanti is proud to state that we are among the few Orange County Digital Printing companies in California, which provides their customers with same day delivery for their printing and marketing solutions. Our customers always give us good feedback for our work, quality, and services.

As one of the best Orange County Digital Printing companies, we fully understand the marketing needs and trends currently going on in and around the surrounding area. By having this knowledge not only saves time and money for our customers, but it ultimately provides success to their businesses as well. For your convenience, our website affords many the opportunity to utilize our services through ordering online. Files can easily be uploading along with what exactly you would like completed and we will have everything completed and back to you in a flash.