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11, 2009


Brochures are a staple of business marketing materials.  They are bigger than a business card and contain more detailed information about a business.  They can easily be size of an 8 1/2 x 11 standard letter paper or even special sized for greater impact. There is so much business promotion potential with brochures printing.  However, to make the right impact, one must first decide to design a brochure using color or black and white brochure printing. Impact The impact of your brochures printing depends much upon the purpose of the brochure and the colors used.  Black and white brochures may be best when they are printed frequently with time-sensitive specials and a customer form to fill out.  In contrast, a full promotional color brochures printing by the thousands may be best done in choice for multiple use. If your intention is to grab the eye of the beholder, then a color brochure printing may be the best choice.  Black and white brochures, however, can offer great simplicity and elegance for a business who does not want to seem precocious and overbearing. Design Brochures printing design can be a big color determination.  If your design includes photographs, especially of people and faces, a color brochure is the obvious best choice.  Graphic designs, logos, and illustrations are also best used in color brochures. Black and white brochure printing should not be discounted automatically, however.  High contrast silhouettes or other single color designs and shapes can work very well in a black and white brochure. Cost Cost is an important factor when determining whether to utilize color or black and white brochure printing.  By far, black and white brochures will cost considerably less than full color brochures.  A full color brochures printing may cost three to five times more than a simple black and white. However, the question one must really ask is whether the extra cost for color would translate into greater sales and more customers.  Sure, a black and white brochure may save money, but if it doesn’t drum up business, it is a waste of money. Brochures printing will likely continue to be a major part of any business’s marketing materials.  If you are looking to produce a brochure for your business, be sure to consider the cost associated with printing, as well as the goals for the brochure.  Whether you choose black and white or color, a brochure will be one of the best marketing tools for your business.

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