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5, 2019

Printing business cards in Orange County means that you want to get the best quality possible. You need your cards to stand out amongst the competition. One way to do that is with full bleed printing. This type of printing is used to print business cards in Orange County that have no margins. The image extends all the way to the edge of the business card.

Preparing A Full Bleed Project

To prepare a full bleed project you will need to use different settings on your computer. If you are using Microsoft Office you simply need to adjust the margins to zero. You may have to change your print settings too if you are printing from home.

The Adobe suite of software is the most common platform to use for creating business cards and other graphics. In order to get full bleed when it comes to the Adobe suite you go to the print settings and select the drop-down item for bleed.

Here you will find a top, bottom, inside, and outside measurement. The inside and outside measurement corresponds to the left and right sides of the document. Set all of these to an eighth of an inch (.125). Do not change the slug settings.

After you have created a document you can still change these settings under the file menu, document setup. You will find bleed listed under bleed and slug. The appearance of this menu will be different than the print options menu.

Once you have changed the settings you will now see a red line outside of the normal border of the document. Make your design extend to the red line and it go into the bleed of the page, the normal margin area. If you don’t see the red lines you can hit W to see them.

When exporting a final design to PDF with bleed you are going to need to make sure to select “Use Document Bleed Settings” in order to print the PDF properly. Without this step you will not have proper margins as the PDF printer will apply the default print settings.

25, 2019

Brand awareness is important when it comes to making your company stand out. Despite the need for a multi-prong approach to building brand awareness, most companies focus solely on digital platforms. The print is still an important part of building your brand awareness and here is why.

Print Will Never Die

Print is everywhere we go. No matter how much we try, we cannot digitalize everything and probably will not be able to for years. It isn’t cost effective and print is just to ingrained into our society. Not only that, print has a certain feel to it that so many people enjoy.

Print Can’t Be Turned Off

It is easy to ignore digital advertising. We can turn our heads from it, block ads on websites, and avoid websites with large ads. Brands also tend to blend in with the design of a website. Print material can’t be turned off and doesn’t disappear. When someone sees your brand on printing, they take in the design and material.

Print Material Is More Memorable

Numerous studies have shown that print material of any kind is more memorable than digital material. Not only can you hold the print in your hand, but it doesn’t have a screen associated with it. Screens tend to numb us to the material we see. Especially with how fast we look at screens. Many teachers require students to still use physical textbooks because it makes the content engrained in their minds.

Print material is important, and it always will be. It shows off your brand in ways that digital material never will. That being said, you can focus only on one platform for building brand awareness. You should build your brand with a multi-prong approach that takes into account all platforms and holds a united stance.

31, 2019

Marketing collateral is the advertising material for a product or service. Some think that the internet is the only place we still need to advertise. So why do companies still need physical marketing collateral? The answer is that there are many reasons that marketing collateral is still needed. We are going to take a look at some of the reasons that it is still used.

Collateral Is Expected

Both business customers and regular consumers expect collateral for the business. It helps them to get to know the products. Without collateral, many customers will be left wondering whether or not a product is legitimate. The higher the value and quality of a product, the more that physical collateral is expected.

Effective Tools For Sales Teams

In order for sales teams to make enough sales, they need the tools to sell the product. Physical marketing collateral is some of the best tools to help sell a product. Especially when the physical marketing collateral is stunning. When you get creative marketing materials you are also giving your sales team something to get excited over. New ways to not just make their customers more enthusiastic but the salespeople too.

Physical Collateral Is Believable

You can easily edit something and even create something on the internet without it being real. When you hold a physical marketing collateral people tend to be quicker to believe it. While the photos can be edited, and likely are, they won’t change while you hold them. People are still more trusting of the physical world.

Carrying The Brand

Your physical marketing collateral does more than sell a specific product or service. Beyond selling an item, physical marketing helps you to carry your brand. It associates your quality brand with the product and visa Versa. This can establish trust and help to fix your brand in their memory.

26, 2019

Technology helps us keep our businesses running. From our computers to the printers and wireless routers, those are just the electronics we see every day. A number of other tools also help to keep us running. But is your technology in the office up to date?

Outdated Technology Is Vulnerable

A lot of technology becomes outdated at some point. For example, wireless routers can become outdated within only a few years. And if a WiFi router becomes outdated, it could leave every device on it and the data transmitted vulnerable to intrusion.

Another example is your business operating system. Windows 7 is still being used by a large portion of businesses despite the fact that serious vulnerabilities have been found on multiple occasions because Microsoft is focusing most of their attention on their newer operating system.

As technology gets older, people are able to develop more ways to breach their security. New and faster technology also helps to break down security and empower attackers. Having outdated technology is a potential risk to your company and customers.

Failure Of Older Technology

Older technology has seen a lot of time working in the office. The wear and tear on older technology more often than not lead to at least one of two things. Either the technology needs to be repaired more often because it fails often or it dies altogether and you will need to upgrade at the last minute.

The older a piece of technology gets, the more common hardware failure is. This is further exacerbated by the amount that the devices are used. And when budgeting you need to factor in that older technology can be much more costly to repair. Having to pay for parts that are only sold by a few companies is a lot harder than paying for parts that are commonplace in the industry.

18, 2018

Clamshell packages are one-piece containers that have two halves and hinge in the middle. Typical examples of clamshell packaging include:

  • Cardboard fast food sandwich containers
  • Plastic containers holding strawberries, blueberries and raspberries
  • Plastic containers holding golf balls

They are called "clamshells" because, of course, they resemble a clamshell, which hinges in the middle and can open quite wide. Clamshell packaging provides a practical solution to the problem of how to transport products with lots of small parts. It also offers security measures other forms of packaging do not.

This unique form of design can be the perfect way to package some products. If your product consists of a bunch of loose pieces bundled together for sale, then clamshell packages may be the right solution for you.

What Are Clamshell Packages Made of?

You can make clamshell packaging from just about anything. The most common materials used include:

  • Foam
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • PVC

Thermoformed plastic is one popular option. This material is custom cut and fitted to the contours of your product. Say, for instance, you sell air fresheners that plug into a wall socket. They have an odd shape that doesn't fit premade clamshell packaging. The freshener would rattle around in a square box, and you want something that will cushion the freshener and protect it.

Fortunately, you can custom-mold thermoformed plastic to fit your product perfectly. This is especially useful for fragile products or ones with lots of accompanying parts.

Why Should You Use Clamshell Packages?

There are three main reasons for using clamshell packaging:

  • Security: The first advantage, and perhaps the least obvious, is security. Clamshell packaging can be difficult to open. Have you ever noticed how hard it is to pull apart the two ends on a custom package for an electronic device? That's by design. It makes it more difficult for people to rip open in a store or swipe without calling attention.
  • Visibility: Another excellent reason behind using clamshell packaging is the visibility it gives your product. The best packages entice people to purchase the product, and clamshell packaging does an exceptional job of showing off your product. So, for example, if you sell blueberries, people can see what the berries look like before they buy them.
  • Portability: Clamshell packaging can also keep your product safe during transport. Most products have a journey to endure from your facility to the retailer selling them. You want them to stay safe and intact during that trip since people will be able to see the product through your packaging when it arrives. If it's broken or cracked, no one will want to buy it. Custom clamshell packaging protects your product on its trek to the retailer.

What Types of Products Employ Clamshell Packages?

A range of products rely on clamshell packaging to show off their attributes and attract buyers. You can find this packaging in just about any industry, but some of the most common uses include:

  • Food
  • Housewares
  • Hardware

Restaurants also use clamshell packaging to send leftovers home with guests or house fast food products. They will often purchase standard stock packaging, since leftovers do not require the sort of custom design as, say, a screwdriver or nails.

Why Choose Avanti Printing for Your Clamshell Packages?

At Avanti Printing, we have experience making custom clamshell packaging for our customers. Whether you sell food, hardware or something else entirely, we can come up with a way to package your product that will highlight its best design features while also enticing potential buyers into looking at it more closely. Most importantly, we can do this with a design that keeps your product safe.

Working with Avanti Printing has many advantages. We provide fast turnaround times for your busy business, and we can take on large orders, too. We'll also assist you in the creative and design process to get you the clamshell packaging you want. Reach out to us today to get a quote for your packaging project.

18, 2018

The function and effectiveness of your product matters, but the packaging that product comes in matters nearly as much. Effective packaging design helps sell a product. It persuades people they want to buy it and convinces them to take it off the shelf and bring it home. By implementing retail packaging improvements, you may be able to increase the sales of your product and connect with more satisfied customers.

Employ these five retail packaging tips to improve your sales numbers.

  1. Be Consistent Across All Your Marketing Materials

    Packaging may sound like it's separate from marketing, but it's not. In fact, packaging plays an essential role in marketing. You want your product to have the same look as your marketing materials, so you present a consistent image. You want things like your logo and slogans to be the same on your packaging as they are on your website and printed brochures.

  2. Study Your Competitors' Packaging, and Do Something Different

    You need your packaging to stand out on store shelves. Take a look at the competition to see what they do. Then, come up with ideas that will set you apart. You want different colors, attractive designs and even a unique shape for your packaging to ensure you draw people's eyes.

  3. Keep It Simple

    When they're new to design, people tend to want to make things complicated. They think the more intricate the package, the better. However, when it comes to packaging, the opposite is often true. People want simplicity — they want to be able to see what they're buying. They want the product to speak for itself, and they do not want to be distracted by a bunch of artwork or words.

    Make the product itself the star of the show, and go easy on the additional flashes of creativity. You want the person who buys your product to be able to open it easily, too. Keep that in mind when you fashion your tops and bottoms.

  4. Pick One Key Thing to Highlight on the Packaging

    The old expression "too many cooks spoil the broth" could be applied here — too many ideas spoil the package. You should have one key point you want to emphasize to potential customers, the thing that sets your product apart. Focus on that, and let the rest be secondary. A few ideas might include:

    • The nutritional value of a food item
    • The all-natural ingredients in an energy drink
    • The educational value of a child's toy
  5. Carry Your Branding Through to Your Packaging

    Branding tells your customers what you're all about by speaking to your company's mission and values. Make sure your packaging matches up with your branding, too.

    For instance, if part of your branding is that you're a green company that pushes an eco-conscious lifestyle, then your packaging should consist of recycled or recyclable materials. You don't want your packaging causing pollution, because that goes directly against your brand — no matter what the product is.

    Not sure where to get started on implementing our packaging design tips? Get in touch with us today to discuss your options or request a quote.