avanti printing
9, 2009


Brochures are one of the most effective marketing materials that a business can use.  Effective brochure printing can highlight the beauty of a product, clarify a business idea, and promote business services.  If your business brochure is not making the impact you desired, try using these 4 simple yet creative brochure printing ideas.

1. Lively Images

Brochure printing with lively and eye-catching photographs creates great impact.  Be sure to use high-quality photos and images produced by a professional.  A professional photographer can capture your product in the best light and angle.  You might also try incorporating professional stock images easily found on the internet for your brochure printing.

2. Creative Copy

Brochure printing with great images can create a solid impact, but words are what sell people.  Before your brochure goes to the printer, make sure you have quality copy.  Great copy should be succinct, informative, and persuasive.  In addition, be sure to put plenty of white space in a brochure.  A brochure with too many words is distracting to most readers who have little attention or time to read a brochure the size of a novella.  Use professional writers to develop your brochure copy.  The words you use on your brochure printing can be the difference between a glance and a sell.

3. Font Size and Shape

Words make the sell in brochure printing, but they do no good if the reader cannot read them.  Your fonts should be readable and in the style of your business and brochure.  Standard serif fonts are preferred for conservative businesses.  Artsy type companies could use a creative cursive font.  Make sure your headings and subheadings are different size as well.  Headings should be catchy, but not overbearing.  Try different colors for headings to make an even bigger brochure printing impact.

4. Irregular Size and Shape

Who says your brochure printing job has to be standard size?  Some of the best brochures with the most eye-catching impact are of irregular shape.  How about a brochure booklet?  Some businesses commission a brochure printing in booklet size, such as a small photo album.  The booklet is catching, high quality, and represents the unique standards for the business.  Or how about a brochure printing on an 8 x 20 inch paper folded like an accordion?  Some of the best brochure printing is performed on customized paper.  If you can afford it, the extra cost it could add the "oomph" you need to get your brochure noticed.