26, 2019
Why You Should Be Using Hemp Paper For Your Business

Over the last few years marijuana legalization has been boosting the popularity of marijuana and marijuana related products. That includes hemp products. This focus on hemp has combined with the constant push to become more eco-friendly. Hemp paper has been around for ages but is making a resurgence onto the market.

Why You Should Be Using Hemp Paper For Your BusinessWhere Hemp Paper Comes From?

Hemp paper comes from the early Chinese, sometime before 150 BC. Many historical documents and even some literature have been found on hemp paper. A good example of this is the Gutenberg Bible that was printed in 1454. Since then hemp paper has appeared throughout cultures multiple time.

The Benefits Of Hemp

You will notice a good number of benefits that you will enjoy when you choose to use hemp for your business. And there is more than just the eco-friendly nature of the plant. Let’s take a look.

More Paper

Each hemp plant is able to produce more paper per plant. This is due to hemp having 55% more cellulose. In addition to that there is less biproduct that needs to be removed from the plant before being made into paper.

More Recyclable

Tree-based paper is able to be recycled three times, this isn’t that much considering that paper is the most recycled item. Hemp paper can be reused more than double that amount.

Better Paper

Hemp paper is very durable and long lasting. You won’t notice yellowing or fading that will happen with traditional paper. This is especially good for businesses that have to retain printed records for a long period of time, you won’t have to worry as much about the storage conditions.

Despite hemp products being declared illegal in the 1930’s, the recent legalization of marijuana in many states has made hemp paper easy to get.