25, 2019

Brand awareness is important when it comes to making your company stand out. Despite the need for a multi-prong approach to building brand awareness, most companies focus solely on digital platforms. The print is still an important part of building your brand awareness and here is why.

Print Will Never Die

Print is everywhere we go. No matter how much we try, we cannot digitalize everything and probably will not be able to for years. It isn’t cost effective and print is just to ingrained into our society. Not only that, print has a certain feel to it that so many people enjoy.

Print Can’t Be Turned Off

It is easy to ignore digital advertising. We can turn our heads from it, block ads on websites, and avoid websites with large ads. Brands also tend to blend in with the design of a website. Print material can’t be turned off and doesn’t disappear. When someone sees your brand on printing, they take in the design and material.

Print Material Is More Memorable

Numerous studies have shown that print material of any kind is more memorable than digital material. Not only can you hold the print in your hand, but it doesn’t have a screen associated with it. Screens tend to numb us to the material we see. Especially with how fast we look at screens. Many teachers require students to still use physical textbooks because it makes the content engrained in their minds.

Print material is important, and it always will be. It shows off your brand in ways that digital material never will. That being said, you can focus only on one platform for building brand awareness. You should build your brand with a multi-prong approach that takes into account all platforms and holds a united stance.