26, 2019

Technology helps us keep our businesses running. From our computers to the printers and wireless routers, those are just the electronics we see every day. A number of other tools also help to keep us running. But is your technology in the office up to date?

Outdated Technology Is Vulnerable

A lot of technology becomes outdated at some point. For example, wireless routers can become outdated within only a few years. And if a WiFi router becomes outdated, it could leave every device on it and the data transmitted vulnerable to intrusion.

Another example is your business operating system. Windows 7 is still being used by a large portion of businesses despite the fact that serious vulnerabilities have been found on multiple occasions because Microsoft is focusing most of their attention on their newer operating system.

As technology gets older, people are able to develop more ways to breach their security. New and faster technology also helps to break down security and empower attackers. Having outdated technology is a potential risk to your company and customers.

Failure Of Older Technology

Older technology has seen a lot of time working in the office. The wear and tear on older technology more often than not lead to at least one of two things. Either the technology needs to be repaired more often because it fails often or it dies altogether and you will need to upgrade at the last minute.

The older a piece of technology gets, the more common hardware failure is. This is further exacerbated by the amount that the devices are used. And when budgeting you need to factor in that older technology can be much more costly to repair. Having to pay for parts that are only sold by a few companies is a lot harder than paying for parts that are commonplace in the industry.