18, 2018

The function and effectiveness of your product matters, but the packaging that product comes in matters nearly as much. Effective packaging design helps sell a product. It persuades people they want to buy it and convinces them to take it off the shelf and bring it home. By implementing retail packaging improvements, you may be able to increase the sales of your product and connect with more satisfied customers.

Employ these five retail packaging tips to improve your sales numbers.

  1. Be Consistent Across All Your Marketing Materials

    Packaging may sound like it's separate from marketing, but it's not. In fact, packaging plays an essential role in marketing. You want your product to have the same look as your marketing materials, so you present a consistent image. You want things like your logo and slogans to be the same on your packaging as they are on your website and printed brochures.

  2. Study Your Competitors' Packaging, and Do Something Different

    You need your packaging to stand out on store shelves. Take a look at the competition to see what they do. Then, come up with ideas that will set you apart. You want different colors, attractive designs and even a unique shape for your packaging to ensure you draw people's eyes.

  3. Keep It Simple

    When they're new to design, people tend to want to make things complicated. They think the more intricate the package, the better. However, when it comes to packaging, the opposite is often true. People want simplicity — they want to be able to see what they're buying. They want the product to speak for itself, and they do not want to be distracted by a bunch of artwork or words.

    Make the product itself the star of the show, and go easy on the additional flashes of creativity. You want the person who buys your product to be able to open it easily, too. Keep that in mind when you fashion your tops and bottoms.

  4. Pick One Key Thing to Highlight on the Packaging

    The old expression "too many cooks spoil the broth" could be applied here — too many ideas spoil the package. You should have one key point you want to emphasize to potential customers, the thing that sets your product apart. Focus on that, and let the rest be secondary. A few ideas might include:

    • The nutritional value of a food item
    • The all-natural ingredients in an energy drink
    • The educational value of a child's toy
  5. Carry Your Branding Through to Your Packaging

    Branding tells your customers what you're all about by speaking to your company's mission and values. Make sure your packaging matches up with your branding, too.

    For instance, if part of your branding is that you're a green company that pushes an eco-conscious lifestyle, then your packaging should consist of recycled or recyclable materials. You don't want your packaging causing pollution, because that goes directly against your brand — no matter what the product is.

    Not sure where to get started on implementing our packaging design tips? Get in touch with us today to discuss your options or request a quote.