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5, 2009


While New Year’s resolutions may seem like history, don’t fall behind in 2009. Here are the three bright ideas for marketing materials in the New Year.

  • Deals and Steals – The economy is not likely to instantly improve just because the number on the calendar has changed. Deals and steals will be a huge concept for marketing in the first quarter of 2009. However, it is important to remember some key concepts when promoting your special deals and savings. Keep the language positive at all times. Avoid mentioning the sour economic climate because all it does is cause the customer to associate your product with something negative. Rather, promote your deals the same way you would have five years ago – simply because it is truly great to save money on a splendid product. This is the approach you should take, saying nothing more, nothing less.
  • Go Digital – Technology booms louder and louder every day. Don’t fall behind in the digital era. Make sure that your business or brand has a memorable website, and be sure to include your URL in all marketing materials. But don’t just stop with links to a website. Try sending DVDs rather than flyers to promote your products in 2009. A well made short commercial or demonstrative video is a great advertising tool. This method can be more expensive, but the results will pay for themselves. Think about it: the customer will put the DVD into their player or computer, if for no other reason than for curiosity. Even if they don’t watch it start to finish, they still took the time to take it out of the sleeve and pop it into the player. That is three minutes of them focusing on your brand, versus twenty seconds skimming a flyer.
  • Happiness – No matter how you spin it, regardless how depressing the recession is, the world is gradually changing. Our political and economic climate is slowly improving, and people long to be cheerful again. In mid 2009, the trends in marketing will be cheerful, happy, and upbeat. We have been dwelling in doom and gloom for far too long now. It is time to be content again, and your marketing materials should reflect this. Go for bright colors and positive messages, and remind your customers of how just plain fun your product is.

While the economy may not be growing by leaps and bounds, with the right marketing strategies, you can still maintain a healthy and growing bottom line.

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