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30, 2021
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Metal Prints

While Metal Printing is not new, it is quickly gaining popularity as the premium printing method by photographers and their clients. Keep in mind not all metal printing is alike. Some companies print directly onto the metal or mount a glossy print to metal, both of these options are inferior to dye-infused metal printing. Dye infused metal prints are not only beautiful but are waterproof and scratch-resistant. For the highest quality metal printing, we have been referring our customers to Artbeat Studios in Irvine because of their process and exceptional attention to detail. They call their metal prints HD Metal Prints because of the amazing depth and High Definition qualities of their dye sublimation process. You really have to see these in person to appreciate their beauty. They offer white metal and silver metal, with a glossy or matte finish. The most popular option is Glossy White because of it's simplistic vibrance that makes any photo come to life but you really have to see their Gloss Silver option as well. The whites of your image become the brushed silver showing through creating a unique luminescence that seems to change at every angle. B&W photos look amazing on silver as do photos with a lot of white showing through. Give them a try and you'll love what they produce for you! You can upload your photos