5, 2019

Printing business cards in Orange County means that you want to get the best quality possible. You need your cards to stand out amongst the competition. One way to do that is with full bleed printing. This type of printing is used to print business cards in Orange County that have no margins. The image extends all the way to the edge of the business card.

Preparing A Full Bleed Project

To prepare a full bleed project you will need to use different settings on your computer. If you are using Microsoft Office you simply need to adjust the margins to zero. You may have to change your print settings too if you are printing from home.

The Adobe suite of software is the most common platform to use for creating business cards and other graphics. In order to get full bleed when it comes to the Adobe suite you go to the print settings and select the drop-down item for bleed.

Here you will find a top, bottom, inside, and outside measurement. The inside and outside measurement corresponds to the left and right sides of the document. Set all of these to an eighth of an inch (.125). Do not change the slug settings.

After you have created a document you can still change these settings under the file menu, document setup. You will find bleed listed under bleed and slug. The appearance of this menu will be different than the print options menu.

Once you have changed the settings you will now see a red line outside of the normal border of the document. Make your design extend to the red line and it go into the bleed of the page, the normal margin area. If you don’t see the red lines you can hit W to see them.

When exporting a final design to PDF with bleed you are going to need to make sure to select “Use Document Bleed Settings” in order to print the PDF properly. Without this step you will not have proper margins as the PDF printer will apply the default print settings.