Custom Booklet Design and Printing


Custom booklets offer a polished, professional way to help your business stand out. When you give people a color booklet promoting your business, they take notice. Booklets contain space to tell your story and explain what’s unique about your company. They can even serve as a welcome employee reference as well.

Event Programs, Employee Handbooks, Promotional Booklets and More

Avanti Printing offers a range of booklet printing services for companies in Los Angeles, Irvine, and Orange County. You can use booklets for many practical purposes, including:

  • Event Programs: Use photos and text to tell the story of a corporate meeting, conference or party.
  • Employee Handbooks: Lay out your company code and expectations in a handy booklet your employees can keep with them on the job.
  • Promotional Booklets: Are you launching a new program or hitting a milestone anniversary? Use a promotional booklet to help people learn more about this exciting development.

You can customize your booklet to your specifications. We offer a wide selection of sizes and styles, allowing you to choose how you want your information to be presented. You can work with us on the design and layout of the booklet to achieve the look you want.


Custom Booklets for Your Business

The main reason to invest in the event program, employee handbook or promotional booklet printing is to gain a tangible resource for your potential customers. Booklets meld information and presentation, so a well-designed booklet will catch your target audience’s eye and encourage them to engage. They may be impressed by the level of dedication required to make and print a booklet, which reflects favorably on your company.

When you care enough to put the time and effort into producing something out of the ordinary, such as a full-color booklet, you win the respect of both possible customers and your employees, who appreciate your attention to detail.

Plus, when you order from Avanti Printing, the process couldn’t be more convenient. You can come into our facility to see the options we have available, collaborate with our graphic designers to get the look you desire, and receive your booklets quickly. We know the importance of a fast turnaround, and we can get your booklets into your hands in time for a big event or employee picnic.

Ready to get started? Give us some details on how many pages you want, your artwork requirements, and the size of your order — we’ll work up a quote for your project. Get in touch today.

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