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3, 2010
The holidays are generally a time of festivity and boosted sales for businesses because a larger volume of consumers need gifts. It’s common for businesses to devise a holiday plan for drawing in as much extra business as possible because preparing early is important. A great part of many plans are sending festive postcards to customers. Postcards are cost-effective marketing tools that are simple to create, print and send out. If you design your postcard with your customer in mind, you’ll likely catch their attention quickly as they sort the mail and lure them in for some extra holiday shopping at your business. Incentives are the key to postcards. Give your customers a great reason to visit your business during the holidays, whether you’re promoting a holiday sale or special discount for those who bring their postcards on a certain day or during the month of December, for example. Following are a few hints to make your holiday postcards shine this year.
  • The headline – Most postcards begin with a headline designed to catch the customer’s attention. This should be bold, colorful and concise so that someone flipping through the mail is inspired to pause and read your holiday postcard.
  • Choose a product theme – If you are trying to move a particular item this holiday season, make it the focus of your postcard. That product should be featured and its features highlighted to inspire customers to come check it out this season. Since postcards are small, focusing on a single item or a dynamic duo of related products streamlines your design and is more likely to draw the customers in.
  • Entice with an incentive – Your holiday postcards need to inspire your customers to take action with a strong incentive to visit or order from your business NOW! Whether you give customers a time period to use an extra discount or emphasize low inventory, your postcard must give customers a sense of urgency to buy from you.
If you take the time to design your holiday sales campaign early and design streamlined, eye-catching postcards to advertise your holiday sale, then you won’t fall behind your competition and will hopefully enjoy a boosted bottom line.

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