Custom Canvas Prints

Fine art and photography make arresting additions to any office space, whether you own a company posting pictures of your products or you’re a photographer showing prints of your own work. Choosing high-quality reproductions of your photos enhances the professionalism of your display. You can achieve the best look by using giclee printing.

What Is Canvas Printing?

Canvas printing, or giclee printing, uses high-quality digital inkjet printing to reproduce an image on a stretched or rolled canvas. You can also use it for art or fine paper. When you employ excellent pigment inks, you get a final product worthy of a museum. What else should you know about giclee printing? Here are some other important features:
  • You can print on demand, allowing businesses, photographers, and artists to get one or one thousand prints, depending on your needs.
  • You receive top-notch color accuracy because the printer uses the latest printmaking technology.
  • You can eliminate the upfront costs that come with mass printing jobs by using images stored on digital files.
  • You can choose any size to reproduce your artwork, allowing for greater customization for clients.
Giclee printing is so precise and of such fine detail that this method can even be found in fine museums around the world, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The solvent-based ink used on these prints has been engineered to last over time, whether you hang your artwork at MOMA or in your office.

Canvas Printing Service

If you’d like canvas prints to use as wall décor or for other purposes, Artbeat Studios can help with your artwork needs. The company offers printing not just on canvas but also on fine art paper, photo paper, and metallic canvas. Artists and photographers looking for new media to present their work on may even prefer to have it printed on HD Acrylic, HD Metal, or Eco-Friendly Wood. Artbeat Studios is located in Irvine, and they can assist residents of Los Angeles and other areas of Orange County as well. With eco-friendly practices you will be happy to embrace, Artbeat Studios provides canvas printing that looks great and is safe for the environment, a beautiful one-two delivery. Get in touch with Artbeat Studios for more information on canvas printing.