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31, 2014
Catalog PrintingRemember the toy catalog from your favorite childhood retailer? Even though you had no personal purchasing power, you could pick up that catalog months before the holidays and dream about getting your favorite playthings. Print Catalogs in The Digital Age Some believe that catalog printing has no place in today’s digital environment. However, while your company’s potential customers might see your website, a printed catalog rounds out a well planned marketing strategy by creating a physical connection between the company and consumers. More importantly, your company’s catalog is its silent representative. Catalogs:
  • Promote your brand -: A catalog constantly reminds consumers of your brand, expertise, trustworthiness, products and services.
  • Make your company more tangible -: Consumers cannot hold your website in their hands, but they can hold your catalog. Doing so replaces the experience of walking into the brick and mortar store housing your company’s wares.
  • Project your company’s legitimacy and stability -: Your investing in a catalog demonstrates your commitment to making your company successful.
  • Generate website traffic -: New customers often see the print catalog before visiting your company’s website. Then, they go to your website to see what other products your company carries. With QR codes, your catalog can capitalize on mobile traffic.
Hiring Professionals In-house catalog printing works well for small companies, but larger organizations hire professionals. When considering professional catalog printing in Los Angeles:
  • Ask for an a-la-cart list of services and fees. Familiarity with detailed aspects of catalog printing helps you determine if the printer is asking a fair price.
  • Discuss delivery options. If the printer sends out orders daily, you may save postage by having your order bundled with another.
  • Tour their physical site. You can evaluate machinery and worker morale by touring the physical printing plant.
  • Analyze the print shop’s equipment. If a printer does not have the machinery needed to produce your catalog you won’t waste precious time negotiating price.
  • Compare with other printers. By using a-la-cart service and fees lists, you can find the best price for your catalog project
Professionals can guide you through the design process, help with product descriptions and then use much of that the same information to create special brochures, fliers and greeting cards. Remember, catalog printing is not the lost art many believe it is. Catalogs remain viable tools in building thriving relationships between businesses and consumers.