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30, 2012
A print catalog is a superb marketing tool, particularly for people who need to reach many customers outside of the Internet. But in order to ensure catalog printing is a successful endeavor, businesses need to keep a few things in mind: Catalog Printing is More Than a Simple Order. Because catalog printing can be a costly project, businesses need to consider a number of factors to not only ensure their print catalogs are of exceptional quality, but to also ensure they are staying within their budget. A catalog, with all of its printing, design and color options, can get really expensive really fast. With this in mind, it is always in your best interest to find trusted Orange County catalog printers and arrange to meet with them to customize and price out your catalog printing options. Quality Orange County catalog printers are able to meet with you and guide you on every aspect of your catalog, including size, paper stock, and color schemes. The Concept of your Catalog Must Be Clear. Before heading to Orange County catalog printers to begin making selections for your catalog, you must have a game plan in mind. In other words, the overall concept and theme of the catalog must accurately reflect your business and the goods or services being offered. Therefore, it is best to have a general idea of your color scheme and graphics so the printer can better understand what you are trying to achieve. Hire Designers, Photographers, or Illustrators to Give your Catalog a Custom Feel. A beautiful catalog should always be accompanied by pristine graphics, photographs and/or designs. Unless you are a master photographer, illustrator or designer, it is best to hire out these services to ensure that your catalog is of the highest quality. Your printer may be able to refer professionals who can provide these services for you, and many Orange County catalog printers have a number of artists or designers on staff to ensure your catalog looks crisp, clean and professional. Remember: The time and effort you put into your catalog will almost always pay off in the form of increased exposure and sales, so take the time to make sure your catalog is something of which to be proud.
avanti printing
27, 2012
Your business card is your business’ calling card, so it pays to give it your time and attention. A business card that doesn’t convey vital information, one that is of poor quality, or one that can’t be easily read will get you nowhere in terms of getting the word out about you and your business. With that said, there are a few things you can do to ensure your business card is the valuable marketing tool it should be:
  1. 1.    Consider using more than basic card stock.
Yes, it is tempting to purchase inexpensive card stock from your local office supply store and make your own business cards from home, but you really aren’t doing yourself any favors going this route. Your business card needs to reflect the same quality and attention that your customers hope you give to your business’ goods or services. Inexpensive business cards feel inexpensive and the ink may very well bleed at the first drop of water. Instead, head to trusted Orange County business card printers and order business cards that are of a substantial weight and quality, and consider adding such distinctive marks as an embossed logo and company name. When it comes to business cards, always remember that you get what you pay for in terms of Orange County business card printers.
  1. 2.    Make sure your business card clearly reflects your business’ purpose.
If readers don’t clearly understand the purpose of your business when they look at your business card from Orange County business card printers then you are not taking full advantage of this ideal marketing tool. If you have a business that specializes in resume writing services, for example, and your business name does not indicate this, then it is certainly vital to include language on your business card that spells out, in clear and concise language, your business’ purpose. Otherwise, your business card becomes much less effective as a marketing tool.
  1. 3.    Think creatively.
If you are in the creative field, or even if you are in a not-so-creative field but you want to set yourself apart from your competitors, it pays to consider an eye-catching business card that will draw in people’s attention. Think in terms of bold colors and brilliant graphics, for example. However, always keep in mind that your business card must first inform, so don’t let your graphics or colors outshine your business’ purpose and contact information.
avanti printing
24, 2012
When designing your company’s brochure, you will want to ensure that the brochure is comprehensive and informative before you head to the Orange County brochure printers with your order. So before you spend a dime on Orange County brochure printers services, make sure that your brochure has everything it should – and nothing that it shouldn’t. You can begin by asking yourself the following question:
  • Who is my target audience? Is it the general public, potential clients, the press, or potential members? Your answer to this question should be kept in mind when asking yourself the following questions:
  • Does my brochure clearly explain my company or organization’s purpose?
  • Does my brochure answer the questions most often asked about my company or organization?
  • Is the brochure easy to read?
  • Is the brochure eye-catching and attractive?
If you can answer “yes” to the above questions, then you are well on your way to a great brochure completed by Orange County brochure printers that will be a fantastic marketing tool for your company or organization. However, what many businesses fail to realize is that there are a number of things that shouldn’t in the brochure, as well, including:
  • Rambling, run-on sentences – The best brochures are those that get the point across with as few sentences as possible. If you find yourself going on and on to make a point, regroup and rid your brochure of run-on or otherwise-wordy sentences.
  • Redundancy – A successful brochure is one that can be read and understood in a matter of minutes. Too much copy or copy that is repeated several times on the brochure is a bad idea, mainly because you will likely lose the interest of the reader.
  • Difficult-to-Understand Language – Unless you are targeting an audience who will understand technical language or language specific to your business or industry, it is important to focus your brochure’s marketing efforts on easy-to-understand language that the masses can easily understand.
  • Too much of anything – Whether it’s logos, pictures, photographs or words, a brochure jam packed with information is one that is often overlooked. It is important to ensure your marketing efforts are successful, and to do so your brochure must be clean, clear cut, and straightforward.
With these tips in mind, you are quickly on your way to printing a fabulous, effective brochure.
avanti printing
7, 2012
Although a brochure is generally small, it can pack a big punch. In short, a brochure can explain, in clear, concise language, your organization or brand’s purpose or services. It is often a handy item to grab for customers who want the best information in the easiest fashion. What your brochure says and how it looks directly reflects your brand and your company, so it pays to give your brochure design and layout some serious thought. Here’s what you may want to consider when creating your company or brand’s brochure:
  • The Layout – Brochures can come in a variety of layouts, sizes and folds. Although what you choose may depend on the information you need to include in the brochure, your final decision may ultimately come down to price. It’s always a good idea to price printing services before you begin designing your brochure.
  • The Purpose – What point are you trying to get across in the brochure? And, perhaps more importantly, who is your target audience for the brochure? Although you may have a good idea of your brochure’s purpose and target audience before you even begin designing your brochure, it’s always a good idea to ask yourself the purpose and audience often as you write and design the brochure.
  • The Format – How you design and write your brochure will determine the readability of it. For example, if your brochure is jammed with copy, but little else, you may lose your reader’s attention. Many times, bullet points, FAQs, graphics and photographs are a great way to break up the copy and ensure that your brochure is as attractive as it is informative.
  • Quality Printing – Because a brochure must immediately capture your audience’s attention and be something your target audience wants to pick up and read, it must be attractive, and there’s no better way to accomplish this than with full-color brochures printing. Being able to attract your audience with full-color graphics and photographs is a must, so it is important to consider the many advantages of using full-color brochures printing. Although full-color brochures printing are more expensive than black-and-white printing, you certainly get more bang for your buck.  After all, a brochure won’t do you any good if people don’t want to pick it up and read it.
avanti printing
2, 2012
Although many businesses don’t put a lot of time and effort into their business card design, it is important to consider that a business card can tell your customers a lot about your brand and your business. In other words, don’t just assume that your business card is simply a place for a telephone number and address. Get creative with your business card and give your customers something great to remember you by!
  1. Your Company Name and Logo – If you’ve spent time and money creating a beautiful logo for your brand or company, then by all means showcase it on your business card! This is where full-color business card printing becomes very useful. If you have a great brand, don’t let it go to waste by printing business cards that aren’t in color. Use full-color business card printing to highlight your brand, your logo, and your company name.
  2. Website and Email – One of the most important pieces of contact information on your business card will be your website and your email address. It always pays to wait until you have both of these up and running before you have your business cards printed. If you choose full-color business card printing, you can be sure that both the website and the email address will stand out on the card. Although most businesses are now on social media, it may be best to leave this information off the business card and instead let them know where they can find you on social media when they visit your website.
  3. Phone and Fax Numbers – Although your primary form of contact with your customers may not be through phone or fax, it is still important to include these forms of communication with your customers so they have options when contacting you. Before full-color business card printing takes place, make sure these numbers – and everything else on the business card – are correct!
  4. Business and Mailing Address – Although, once again, you may not generally communicate with your customers via postal mail, it is still important to provide this information on your business card. If your business is run out of your home and you don’t want to include that information, you may want to consider getting a post office box for your business address.
  5. A Catchy Idea – To really make your business card stand out from the card, consider adding a catchy element to it.  Photographers may include some of their most memorable shots, while a baker may choose a delicious pink as a background color.  Since you have the fabulous benefits of full-color printing, only your creativity is the limit!
avanti printing
12, 2011
Even with the advent of online shopping, beautiful catalogs are still coveted by any business selling products, goods or services. After all, a beautiful catalog printing can display your wares in an attractive light and provide your customers with a wealth of information. Here are just a few reasons why catalogs still reign supreme in the world of sales:
  • A catalog, regardless of your business, is the most effective way of providing your customers with precise details regarding your goods or services. Best of all, the quality photographs entice them into buying your goods or services. A catalog allows you to print details about your goods or services; details you may otherwise have difficulty getting across to your customers.
  • Catalogs are easily distributed to your customers or clients.  Regardless of whether you are selling to retailers, distributors or customers, catalogs are the easiest way to get your information and services into the right hands. Plus, catalogs are a great way to gain valuable exposure.
  • Catalogs convey your company sales information better than any other type of medium. Radio and television ads are splashed in front of consumers’ eyes for seconds, and Web quality pales in comparison to the overall quality of a catalog. A catalog can stay in front of a consumer for as long as needed, thereby allowing them to make better, more thoughtful decisions.
  • Catalogs, when compared to other forms of marketing or advertising, are incredibly cost effective. In other words, think of the number of catalogs you could print and distribute for the cost of one television commercial! In addition, businesses with small advertising and marketing budgets will often turn to catalogs because they give them the most bang for their buck.
  • Catalogs are an investment for your business. Unlike other forms of marketing or advertising, quality, printed catalogs can produce income for your business for an extended period of time. Consider that, simply by producing one catalog design per year, you can reap the benefits for an entire calendar year. Not many other forms of marketing or advertising have the longevity that catalogs have.
avanti printing
7, 2011
Many of us focus so much on our marketing and advertising materials that we don’t stop to consider the envelopes in which we are sending them. Your marketing and correspondence efforts should be appealing and eye catching, and should show your business’ professionalism and perhaps its creativity. In short, envelopes deliver a professional appearance for your business and will be the first thing your customers see when they open their mailbox. With that in mind, envelopes printing should be given as much attention as your other marketing materials so you can put your best foot forward with your customers or potential customers, particularly if you participate in direct mail campaigns. A printer may be able to add customized text, shades, borders, graphics and images to your envelopes, including photographs and logos. Here are a few factors to consider regarding envelope printing:
  • Customized envelopes, printed by a professional printer, will strengthen your business’ reputation and identity.
  • Customized, printed envelopes almost always improve the response rates for direct mail campaigns. In other words, if you don’t entice readers to open your correspondence, you can’t wow them with your marketing materials.
  • Businesses can often achieve competitive rates from printers by ordering bulk quantities. The only time you may want to skip on bulk envelope printing orders is if you foresee your business address or logo changing in the near future. Printers will also likely offer businesses discounts by bundling envelope printing with other types of printed marketing materials.
  • Customized envelopes often have the strongest impact when businesses design them to match their other marketing materials. In other words, business recognition is incredibly important for a business’ marketing efforts and this is easily accomplished when there is consistency between marketing materials.
  • Don’t miss an opportunity to market your business and create a strong business image. Customized envelopes are one of the easiest ways to capture your customers’ attention and entice them to open your correspondence. Customized envelopes are also a great way to set yourself apart from the competition and stand out from the other mounds of correspondence awaiting customers as they open their mailbox.
avanti printing
5, 2011
Marketing is all about being creative. It’s all about getting word out about your business in new and inventive ways.  The question is: Have you considered the power of door hangers printing for your business? Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider door hangers for your business:
  • They are inexpensive to print – Door hangers will likely fit easily into your annual printing budget, as they are generally quite cost effective to print. Some of the factors that may affect the pricing of your door hangers include: number of colors, type of card stock, and printed images or photographs. And, of course, you will likely enjoy savings if you order a larger number of door hangers.
  • Door hangers can convey important information about your company – Of course, door hangers can provide inexpensive advertising for your business, but they may also serve more practical purposes for some businesses. If you need to convey information to a large number of clients or customers, door hangers may be quite convenient. From charities to churches, door hangers allow organizations to spread the word.
  • Door hangers are a great way to market to your local community – If you want to garner the attention of your local community then it pays to invest in door hangers. Most people, as they have to remove them from their door, give door hangers at least some of their attention. Because of this, you have already captured the attention of your potential customers simply by hanging your marketing efforts on the door.
  • Door hangers convey a better sense of quality than do flyers. If you want to focus your marketing efforts on your local community, printing door hangers will likely produce better results than flyers, as they are generally more attractive, they are more likely to be read, and they don’t blow away as easily!
  • Door hangers can be useful for new businesses that want to introduce themselves into a neighborhood. In addition, door hangers may also be used to welcome new residents into a neighborhood. In other words, a door hanger is like the welcome wagon, either for you or your customers!
avanti printing
4, 2011
Do you want to concentrate your marketing efforts on the local market? Then consider the power of flyers! Flyers are a great example of strategic advertising, and they help many businesses achieve success with their local marketing efforts. Perhaps best of all, flyers are an economical and cost-effective way to promote your business and your business’ goods or services. Many businesses use flyers printing in an effort to raise awareness about their company, as well as their goods or services. Depending on their use, flyers can be quickly and easily printed by professional printers. From door-to-door distribution to distribution at trade events and public shows, flyers are a great way to spread the word about your business and the goods and/or services you provide. Here are some factors to consider when designing flyers for your business:
  • Your flyers should have key information and striking features. In other words, your flyers must be able to catch your target audiences’ attention in a short period of time. If there are other businesses also distributing flyers, your flyer must stand out from the crowd.
  • Your flyers should have concise and accurate information. If you don’t pay attention to the small details (i.e., making sure the wording is clear and concise), you will very quickly lose your customers’ attention.
  • It is vital for your business to make a lasting impression by using quality flyer materials. If you use better quality stock and use the services of a professional printer to produce a quality product, you will likely gain the trust of your potential customers.  Consider the last time you received a glossy flyer on a solid cardstock versus a simple copied flyer on printing paper.
  • Make sure your flyers accurately reflect your company’s other marketing materials.  It is important to stay consistent in an effort to establish brand and business identity awareness with your customers.
  • Flyers help businesses grow through exposure. Simply put, if you need to get the word out about your business and the goods and services you provide for your community, there is nothing more cost-effective and simple to produce than flyers.
  • Flyers often do more than announce a business and the goods and/or services they offer. They may spur business by providing customers with coupons, specials and other types of discounts.
avanti printing
30, 2011
Whether in your personal or business life, a strong first impression is priceless. The question you will likely want to ask yourself when designing marketing materials for your business is:  am I making the best, possible first impression on my clients? One of the first forms of marketing that will fall into your clients’ hands will likely be a business card. Does your business card evoke a sense of creativity and professionalism, or does the low quality poorly reflect on your business’ image? One of the most important things to consider when designing a great business card is making it a clear reflection of your profession or business. Here are a few types of business cards you may want to consider:
  • Traditional business card – A traditional business card is no muss, no fuss. In other words, it is ideal for clients who simply use business cards as a way to convey simple facts and contact information about their profession or business. Traditional business cards are usually white with black lettering, as it will likely give businesses more bang for their marketing dollar. A traditional business card will likely have a simple message or business logo, along with contact information.
  • Designer business card – If you are in a creative field, you will likely want your business card to reflect your flair for design or style. The colors, images and even the shape of a designer business card will be eye-catching and appealing, and it will speak to the creative field in which you are employed.
  • Multi-purpose business card – Business cards can do more than just serve as contact information for your business. Many businesses get additional use out of their business cards by printing information on the reverse side of the card. From appointment cards and directions to surveys and coupons, consider getting more bang for your marketing buck by using both side of your business cards.
  • Photo business card – Many small businesses choose photographs for their business cards because they add a personalized touch to their marketing materials. Real estate agents, for example, often use their photos, while an interior designer may use a photograph of a beautiful home.