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23, 2011
At Avanti Printing, we strive to provide our customers with the best in printing, so we were thrilled when we acquired the Epson GS6000, the gold standard when it comes to large-format printing!   The Details of the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 Without going into too many details about this amazing new piece of printing equipment (we can’t help but gush just a bit!), the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 is the fastest, 64-inch wide, roll-to-roll printer in its class. In addition, the Epson Stylus Pro applies Epson’s brand-new, solvent-based ink technology, which is safer for the environment and reduces the need for air purification systems and external dryers.  This continues Avanti Printing’s efforts in helping clients go green – saving both the earth and on your company’s bottom line. GS Ink Technology uses eight different colors for the ultimate in vibrancy and clarity, and Epson has completely removed Nickel from their inks. What does this mean for you? Large-format printing at its finest, of course! What the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 Means for your Business If you want outstanding color and accuracy for your large-format printing needs, you must see what Avanti Printing, and the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000, can do for your business. From vinyl banners and standup banners to outdoor posters and vehicle wraps, this machine can do it all – and do it exceptionally well. Whether you are in Irvine, Orange County, or beyond, Avanti Printing can deliver the finest in large-format printing using the Epson Stylus Pro GS6000, which means your large-print business needs will boast outstanding color fidelity.  Even such detailed projects as vehicle wraps, decorative fine art projects and giclee canvas printing jobs will come to life, and graphics for your outdoor sign and trade show needs can be completed in a fraction of the time through our Orange County-based printing company. This means that whatever your large printing needs are — and however quick you need them — Avanti Printing can deliver them in exceptional quality and speed. Let Avanti Printing Handle all of your Outdoor Signage Needs The Epson GS6000 is superior to many other printers in the solvent printing market, thereby allowing Avanti Printing to offer our customers superior quality for their professional signage needs.  Located in Irvine, California, Avanti Printing is now able to easily accommodate your large-format print jobs in-house. It also allows us to print onto nearly any solvent-based material, including canvas, paper, signage media and other specialty media types.
avanti printing
15, 2011


We all want to make environmentally sensitive decisions these days, whether in our personal lives or our small business affairs.  There are a number of ways we can promote our small businesses while making smart choices that are kind to the environment.

Enter the world of green printing!

What toll does it take on the environment to produce virgin paper and chlorine-bleached paper? Razing forests, leaking carcinogens into ground water and adding toxins to the environment, for starters.  However, there are ways for us to embrace the concept of green printing so our carbon footprint is reduced.

If your small business can reduce the amount of paper you use, you’re the lucky few, as most small businesses rely on printed marketing materials to effectively run their business and make money. However, printing green can send a strong message to your clients and customers.

In addition to doing something good for the environment, green printing can do wonders for your business reputation, and it may even be able to save you on your printing costs.

Here are just some of the ways in which you can turn green printing into a positive endeavor for your company:

  • Choose printing paper that is made from 100 percent post-consumer waste. This paper should be chlorine-free and should be uncoated. In addition, there are also several paper companies that use renewable energy sources to produce their paper, thereby further helping the environmentally friendly cause.
  • When printing, choose vegetable-based inks or soy inks instead of their petroleum-based counterparts. Vegetable and soy-based inks are not only VOC-free, but they are often easy on the wallet.
  • Consider eliminating bindings, adhesives or foil stamps in your packaging.  The fewer resources you use in your marketing materials, the greener the result.
  • Save paper (and money in the process) by asking your printer to use standard, press-sheet sizes.  Both your budget and the earth will thank you.
  • Reduce the number of inks you use in your marketing materials. Choose a design with just one or two colors; this will save the amount of ink used to produce your marketing materials and will also likely cut down on your printing costs.

Who knew that being green could also add more green to your bottom line?  Talk to Avanti Printing today to learn more about how you can enjoy greener printing.

avanti printing
25, 2011
Greeting cards are traditionally a great marketing tool because businesses rely on customers to purchase a product or service in order to succeed. Businesses also rely mostly on repeat customers to continue making those purchases and even telling others in order to grow. Sending greeting cards for certain occasions, such as holidays or to celebrate a business anniversary, make existing customers feel appreciated. Customers recognize and remember a custom greeting card, whether it was sent in appreciation or with a special incentive. There is a way around designing a completely customized greeting card, which can help you save money, but still appear like a custom product once printed. Pre-designed greeting cards allow businesses to “design” the greeting card by choosing from ready-made designs and then customizing the card with a logo, business name and message. These hints will help your next greeting card printing go smoothly and stay on budget:
  • Be Colorful – In general, choosing a full color greeting card is the best decision because not only will using color make your greeting cards appear more customized, but will enhance the design you choose.  Color will make your greeting card will shine.
  • Match the Design to Your Business – If you fall in love with a design that features a whimsical garden scene, but you operate a law firm, you might want to skip the flowers and find a design that reflects the tone of your business better. A florist might choose the whimsical garden scene, however, because it meshes perfectly with the business.
  • Be Eco-Friendly – Customers respond to ecologically responsible businesses, and one way to show your dedication is to choose eco-friendly greeting cards. These could be printed on recycled paper or plant based renewable paper, or you can even consider using “green” soy ink.
  • Save Money on Size – Printing your greeting cards in a standard size will not only save you money in postage, but will reduce the printing cost that comes with larger paper and reduce the cost of creating custom envelopes. Customers will appreciate the custom feel and won’t require a larger than life greeting card.
Customers like their patronage to be recognized and sending greeting cards is the perfect way to encourage continued loyalty and business into the future.
avanti printing
14, 2010

Postcards are inexpensive to print and inexpensive to mail, which is why many businesses take advantage of this important marketing tool. What better way to get information about your latest sale or promotion to customers than by sending a well-designed postcard?  The key is to make sure your postcards are doing their job: attracting customers to your business. Follow these tips, and your next postcard mailing should drum up extra business.

Choose the Right Graphic Using Stock Photos Postcards are compact, meaning that you must be concise and choose your graphics carefully. Stock photos are plentiful, inexpensive (usually), and come in high resolution, which is perfect for printing postcards. It’s best to have a specific image in mind to enhance your postcard and then perform a search for the right stock photo. Stock photos mean you don’t have to hire a professional photographer just for a simple postcard mailing, which can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. As long as you choose a well-taken, relevant stock photo, your postcard will stand out — in a good way! When to Commission Photos and Graphics If you need professional shots of your specific products, place or business or services, then you should consider hiring a professional photographer to do the job. You might also want to hire a model to show off your product. Make sure if you’re paying for a photo shoot that the photos can be used not only for your postcards, but for your website and other marketing materials. Custom graphics are also a possibility. Instead of hiring a professional photographer, you can hire a graphic artist to create a unique and eye-catching original illustration of your product or service. The sky is the limit with custom graphics, and you can then re-use the image on other promotional materials. Choose the Right Font You can use a single font or mix a pair of fonts to boost the aesthetic appeal of your postcard design. Your headlines might be a large, bold block print in a different color from the rest of the content. As long as the font is legible, you can be as creative as you need to be to create an eye-catching design for your postcards. Postcards that are designed to impress, whether you use a stock photo, hire a photographer or commission custom graphics, will inspire customers to visit your business.
avanti printing
2, 2010
recycle-graphic-0309-istock5023421xs How do your printing projects fit with your carbon footprint reduction? If you are like millions of other Americans, you are taking steps to reduce energy use, reduce the amount of carbon emissions you produce, and reduce the amount of natural resources you use. That is why eco-friendly printing is a good strategy to complement your action-plan to help the environment. Eco-friendly printing, or “green” printing, encompasses many facets, and one of the main strategies of green printing is using recycled paper. But there are many debates about using recycled paper. Here are some thoughts about why you should use recycled paper. Using Recycled Paper Does Make a Difference Many people debate whether using recycled paper is actually helpful for the environment. The fact is that using recycled paper can make a significant impact toward protecting the environment. Green printing on recycled paper reduces that amount of trees needed to produce new paper stock. This saves our forests, a precious natural resource we need for producing the oxygen we breathe. Additionally, using recycled paper on your eco-friendly printing projects reduces the amount of energy and waste produced in processing. New paper requires 60 percent more water in the manufacturing process. Using post-consumer materials helps reduce the amount of waste water during the processing, and it reduces the amount of air pollutants by 73 percent. Additionally, recycled paper saves up to 70 percent of the energy needed to manufacture paper from raw materials. Green printing not only helps the environment during the processing, but it also saves landfill space. Every ton of paper that is recycled saves 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space. Americans are on a strong road to using recycled paper. By 2007, we recovered 56 percent of all the paper consumed in America, and the paper industry has set a goal of 60 percent by 2012. Your Customers and Clients Will Notice People are noticing when recycled paper is used – and decision-makers are also taking note of who uses recycled paper and performing eco-friendly printing. The best way to show your commitment to the environment is to use 100% recycled paper and print a small line on your paper that says so. Your efforts to perform eco-friendly printing are a big contribution toward improving the environment. Do your part and use recycled paper for all your printing needs.
avanti printing
26, 2010
istock_000003778898small Businesses like yours need printing jobs performed on a regular basis. And most likely you live in a location with access to a host of local printers. But why should you choose a local printer over online printers? Here are two good reasons for choosing local Southern California printing services. The Economy When you buy printing products from a local vendor, you directly help your local economy. The global economic crisis which began in 2007 has affected many small businesses throughout the country. Most likely, your local print shops are locally owned and operated, and they are not immune to the adverse effects of a down economic climate. It helps your business when your local economy thrives. So why not take the initiative and keep local monies right in your community? Your local Orange County printing companies are set up to easily perform frequent print jobs, and you may be surprised at how little money you actually save by ordering a frequent print job online. Business cards are a good example. The cost difference for a box of business cards between an online printer and your local printer is usually offset by the shipping costs. Why not keep that money local, and even save money, by choosing a local Southern California printing company? The Environment Employing your local printer means reducing carbon emissions that result from shipping printed goods across the country.  Imagine how many millions of miles and tons of pollution could be eliminated if printing projects were not shipped from New York to California! In addition, f you look around your local community, you will likely find a printer who employs good and responsible environmental practices. What does an “environmental” printing company do? Here are some examples: Recycled paper – Paper is a natural resource that is limited.  The good environmental practice is to recycle used and discarded paper so it can be re-used again. A responsible local Orange County printing company will have a large stock of recycled and post-consumer paper to choose from for your printing needs. Natural products – Besides recycled paper, other environment-saving materials include vegetable-based inks, sugar cane paper, non-toxic toners, chlorine-free paper, and other natural materials. Reduced carbon footprint – Many Southern California printing companies are engaging in methods that reduce their “carbon footprint.” One way is to use energy-saving devices, and even utilize electricity generated from solar, wind, or water sources. There are many advantages to using a local Orange County printing company, but helping the economy and the environment are two major benefits. Take these into consideration when you choose your next printing job.