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5, 2011
Marketing is all about being creative. It’s all about getting word out about your business in new and inventive ways.  The question is: Have you considered the power of door hangers printing for your business? Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider door hangers for your business:
  • They are inexpensive to print – Door hangers will likely fit easily into your annual printing budget, as they are generally quite cost effective to print. Some of the factors that may affect the pricing of your door hangers include: number of colors, type of card stock, and printed images or photographs. And, of course, you will likely enjoy savings if you order a larger number of door hangers.
  • Door hangers can convey important information about your company – Of course, door hangers can provide inexpensive advertising for your business, but they may also serve more practical purposes for some businesses. If you need to convey information to a large number of clients or customers, door hangers may be quite convenient. From charities to churches, door hangers allow organizations to spread the word.
  • Door hangers are a great way to market to your local community – If you want to garner the attention of your local community then it pays to invest in door hangers. Most people, as they have to remove them from their door, give door hangers at least some of their attention. Because of this, you have already captured the attention of your potential customers simply by hanging your marketing efforts on the door.
  • Door hangers convey a better sense of quality than do flyers. If you want to focus your marketing efforts on your local community, printing door hangers will likely produce better results than flyers, as they are generally more attractive, they are more likely to be read, and they don’t blow away as easily!
  • Door hangers can be useful for new businesses that want to introduce themselves into a neighborhood. In addition, door hangers may also be used to welcome new residents into a neighborhood. In other words, a door hanger is like the welcome wagon, either for you or your customers!

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