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17, 2010
Don’t overlook business cards as an important informational tool just because of their petite size. Despite the typical 3-inch by 2.5-inch size of a business card, you can still pack in a lot of important information about your business, as long as you plan ahead before printing them. Your business card can be an effective marketing tool if you make the effort to include the following tips that will help your business cards catch customers’ attention.
  • Stand Out From the Crowd With a Centered Logo – You want your business card to stand out from the crowded pile on many people’s desks, so why not center your logo instead of tucking it off to the left side of the business card? Centering your logo is bold, different and gives your business a confident air.
  • Don’t Be Vanilla – Choose a darker paper for your business cards rather than the standard white or ivory. Having a darker background will not only help your business card stand out in a pile but will look creative and innovative and speak volumes for the type of business you have.
  • Give Your Business Cards Shine – Instead of going with the standard matte finish, choose a glossy finish. This will likely cost a bit more, but the point is to help your business cards, and your business, stand out – making this small investment worth it.
  • Include a Quote – Although there’s nothing wrong with including your company’s tagline on your business card, often beneath the logo or after your business name, consider breaking away from the crowd again and including a quote on the back of the business card. Your quote can be from a famous poem, essay or person and will give your business card personality.
  • Don’t Clutter Your Business Card – Resist the urge to make yourself appear more important by including multiple contact numbers and e-mail addresses. Including one contact number and one e-mail address will make you seem approachable instead of arrogant. You don’t want to seem too busy and important for new customers!
As you can see, despite the small size of a business card, with the right style and information in place, your business card will become an effective marketing tool that will help people remember your business.

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