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24, 2010
Marketing materials aren’t difficult to create.  However, creating a marketing campaign around marketing materials that not only stands out to potential customers, but garners new business, take special talent. Businesses are started everyday, but becoming a brand name often eludes many business owners. It’s important to study successful brands, like Pepsi and Ford, to determine that these companies didn’t just wake up one morning and start a brilliant marketing campaign, but studied their demographic in order to discover the best way to position their brand for success. Positioning your business for success by transforming it into a brand name is difficult and revolves around the marketing campaign and promotional materials you create. Follow these tips for creating sensational promotional materials that will separate your brand from competitors.
  • Why Does Your Business Matter? Your promotional materials must answer the timeless question that is at the foundation of every customer’s decision to purchase with you or not: so what?  Your promotional materials must answer this question in a way that is unique, creative and makes sense to potential customers. Telling customers why they should buy from your business inherently answer other questions, including why your business is better than your competitors and why your product or service is the number one choice. Catchy taglines, slogans and logos are great and definitely an important part of your promotional materials because they’ll help customers remember your business, but if you succeed in answer the “so what” question, your business will be on its way up.
  • Choose Substance and Style – It’s important to create stylish promotional materials that feature catchy logos and clever taglines, but you can’t let fabulous graphics detract from the substance of your message. Those businesses that succeed in creating both stylish graphics and meaningful content tend to succeed winning customers.
  • Write Promotional Materials From the Heart – Customers will notice if your promotional materials sound hollow and generic, but they’ll also sit up and notice your business if the promotional materials sound heartfelt and genuine. Tap into your own excitement regarding your product or service and use it to create promotional materials that speak to your customers. You might make a list of your favorite aspects of the product or service you’re selling or have a brainstorming session with others who share your passion to come up with genuine ideas that will help sell your business.
Don’t forget to have fun when creating your marketing campaign. Customers respond to heartfelt, creative company messages, which will help them to remember your brand over others.

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