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20, 2014

Market advertising can be confusing these days. Everyone talks about advertising on the Internet to complement their TV ads. Many have all but abandoned print media. The problem with this approach is that surfers of the web generally have a short attention span. If something on a website doesn’t grab their attention instantly, it is easy to just move on with your search. In fact, affiliate programs, annoying pop-up ads, chatter on sites like Twitter and Facebook have been over saturated with content that is easy for web surfers to barely notice these days. It is print media with bright colors and blinking signs that is more likely to attract people’s attention. Digital printing in Irvine helping to revive this very important advertising avenue.

These days, when people finally do step away from their computers, their guard is down and they are more likely to spend a minute or two looking at ad advertising that makes use of Digital Printing opportunities. Smart marketing companies are taking advantage of the tried and true print marketing by making use of Postcards, Stickers, Posters, Booklets, Printed Envelopes, Brochures, Catalogs and a variety of other print media. Digital printing in Irvine is able to provide all of these advertising forms and together with things like Door-hangers, colorful Menus and Stickers that can be put up easily in places where potential customers will see them without even having to be consciously looking for them. The best advertising gets products and companies to come to people’s minds when they consider making purchases. It is name recognition that gets new customers and keeps existing customers loyal to brands.

Smarter company marketing departments know that it is the merging and blending of both print and Internet marketing that is the way to have the most successful campaign. To quote a marketing consultant, you can’t just turn all of your efforts to Internet marketing through the social networking media, you must also produce advertising that people can hold in their hands. Never forget how important it is to be able to keep a printed ad to be able to refer back to when there isn’t a computer handy.

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