Door hangers are a creative means of advertising used by businesses and marketing teams to raise awareness of their offerings.

From “Do Not Disturb” to “Vote for…” door hangers are a highly effective and necessary investment for any campaign or business. Door hangers printing and design is easy and inexpensive. Door hangers are simple advertisements frequently used by local service businesses, restaurants, stores or other businesses. A door hanger is often used to promote a new business or advertise a special offer or introductory price.

They are often used as well in hotels and motels for residents to use to inform cleaning services to not enter or for passing guests to please not disturb the room.


Our Door Hanger Printing Includes:


  • Full-color design
  • Glossy cardstock to stand out
  • Durable, long-lasting construction
  • Online design center with templates or custom options
  • Assistance from our professional graphic design team


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What are Door Hangers?



Door hangers are pieces of cardstock with a part cut out of the top to allow them to be hung on doors.

Companies print their advertisements on these hangers, then deploy teams to hang them on doors across an area they hope to target with their goods and services. Putting a door hanger on a front door forces your target audience to pick it up and look at it when they go into their home or business. Making the design and messaging important to create an initial interest or reaction.

Since engagement and attention are the aims of all advertising, door hangers accomplish their goal efficiently. They also boast a low price point, so businesses that prioritize a cost-effective means of advertising often gravitate toward door hangers.

Some companies opt to put special website URLs or phone numbers directly on the door hangers to measure success through analytics tracking of their own or call tracking services to measure the performance of a door hanger marketing campaign.

Are Door Hangers Considered Soliciting or Canvassing?



The court also made a distinction between soliciting and canvassing, which they broke down as follows:

  • Soliciting: Soliciting involves knocking on a door and trying to convince the person who answers to either talk about your product or purchase it. Soliciting without a permit is illegal in parts of Los Angeles and other areas of California.


  • Canvassing: Canvassing involves leaving an ad, such as a door hanger or postcard, at someone’s door or on their porch. There is no interaction between you and the person you want to buy your product, which makes it different from soliciting. In fact, the court has even ruled that canvassing is protected under the First Amendment.


Door hangers are not soliciting — they’re canvassing. Because of that, they are legal in California and elsewhere across the country, and you may hang them on people’s doors without fear of breaking the law.

The Benefits of Using Door Hangers in California



In addition to being an engaging form of advertising, door hangers are practical. You can get a lot of them for a low price, and distribution is easy. You and the members of your team can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time hand-delivering each hanger to every home. Plus, you don’t have to lay out money for postage.

Other benefits of using door hangers include:

    • Length: They are big enough to print a large message, such as an entire menu for a restaurant.
    • Durability: Door hangers are made from tough materials. Even if it rains or gets windy, your message will remain affixed to the door.
    • Longevity: Most people take door hangers off the doorknob and bring them into the house. If you’ve printed something useful — like that menu or a coupon — they might stick the door hanger on their refrigerator or bulletin board, extending the life of your advertisement.


Door hangers are a legal, smart way to spread your company’s message. Let Avanti Printing assist you with your order. We can help with large-volume orders, offering fast turnaround and design assistance. Contact us today to request a quote and get started.

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