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14, 2009

woman with a business card in her hand If you are investing in promotional materials for your business or brand, chances are that you would like to maximize the amount of information that you can convey, no matter how small the individual document.

Believe it or not, you can truly say a lot on a business card – if you’re savvy enough to do so. Effectively making a statement and successfully marketing your brand on a small business card can be difficult, but here are some tips and tricks one can use to achieve do so.

  • Centered Logo – The standard format on most business cards is to place the company or brand logo on the left hand side. Instead, try centering your logo. It really gives a bold statement.
  • Color Matters – Avoid white backgrounds and opt instead for darker hues. Black can be eye catching, but avoid metallic lettering; it tends to look unprofessional.
  • Glossy Finish – Spend a little extra and go for a glossy finish. It looks extremely striking and professional, and the results will pay off.
  • Use the Back for Quotes – Many people will put a quick quote at the bottom of their business card (i.e. “Smiths: The Fast and Quick Sandwich Shop!”), hoping that it will add a little something extra. However, try placing a quote on the back on the card next time you order a new batch. You can even use a profound quote from a favorite author or activist, rather than a boring company tagline. It not only personalizes the card, but renders you an interesting individual, rather than just another company drone.
  • One Phone, One E-Mail – Too many people fall into the trap of littering their business cards with a plethora of phone numbers and e-mail addresses in a misguided attempt to come off as a busy professional. Instead, opt for only one phone number and only one e-mail address. It makes you look more efficient and less pretentious.

Business cards may be small, but with the right concept, you can express a big idea!

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