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15, 2009
istock_000000489407small The business world can be extremely stressful, especially when you are an owner or entrepreneur. The pressure of satisfying the needs of employees, customers, and clients can be downright excruciating! In addition, recent economic downturn has the tendency to make all of life’s tasks all the more difficult. Rather than curling up into a ball and hiding from the world, however, you obviously need to pursue forward in your professional endeavors. It can be helpful to take a little time each day to remind yourself of a few messages. Here are some great daily mantras for stressed out business owners and entrepreneurs:
  • “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day” – While this may be cliché, there is a real merit to it, especially for those type-A individuals who feel the need to do everything everyday. Occasionally, it can be useful to remind yourself that you can’t finish all of your tasks in a short amount of time. It is crucial to pace yourself in business, as in life.
  • “It’s Just a Job” – Yes, we know. Your business is more than just a job to you; it’s your passion. But even if you love what you do, it’s still just your job.  It’s not your spouse, lover, friend, or family member. It is simply your job.
  • “I Deserve a Break” – You are not bad, lazy, or selfish if you take an hour for yourself everyday. Overworking yourself will impact your business negatively, not positively.
  • “My Health Comes First” – Many busy businesspeople do not take enough time to work out or care for themselves physically. A lot of individuals prioritize work as being too important, especially for something as unproductive as the gym! However, adding physical fitness to your daily regimen will make a significant impact on both your body and mind.
  • “I Did My Best” – Yes, this one may sound extremely busy. However, if you feel very stressed out after trying your hardest, it is important to remind yourself that you indeed did the best job that you are capable of doing.

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