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23, 2009
arrow rider How tired are you of the phrase “during these tough economic times?” As tired as you may be of that overused slogan, you are probably even more frustrated with… well, “these tough economic times!” “Recession exhaustion” is the latest epidemic du jour in this country, as scores of people are being laid off and having to vacate their homes. The general mood is indeed rather depressing. We could give you blog after blog on what strategies to utilize during a down economy in order to market your business effectively. However, it is also important to consider some of the overall mentalities and strategies on how to maintain your morale and energy during this national financial crisis. Above everything else, it is important to remember to never throw in the towel. Here are five things to keep in mind during a down economy. • This Too Shall Pass – As difficult as this recession may be, it will not last forever. Eventually, it will arrive at its completion. Don’t believe us? Think about the last time the economy was down, such as the 1990s, the 1970s, and even the Great Depression. Did it last forever, or did it eventually end? • Treasure Your Loyal Customers – Now is a good time to treat your beloved loyal customers like royalty. Right now may not be a great time for new customer acquisitions, so remind your loyal customers of how truly great you think they are. • Everyone Needs a Break – We know that you may feel as if you have to work each hour of every day to keep yourself afloat. But everyone needs a break now and then. Believe us, it will aid your overall spirit in the long run. • Save, Save, Save – Even if you can only put aside twenty dollars a week, saving a little extra money will help you feel more reassured and relaxed about finances for your company. • Grin and Bear It – When it really comes down to it, the overall wellness of our national economy is out of your hands. All you can control is your own personal success and vitality. The best thing to do during these horrid economic times is to just grin and bear it – after all, what else can you do? Above all else, take a few minutes a day just to breathe. Maintain your composure, and work hard until this all is nothing more than a distant memory.

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