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30, 2009
Person hold envelopeFree Consultation! (With $25.00 Down Payment) BIG CLOSEOUT SALE THIS TUESDAY! Dear Mr. Smith: Are You Paying Too Much For Your Mortgage? How many times have you received a piece of direct mail worded like the ones above? Furthermore, how many times have you thrown away a piece of direct mail like this? Direct mail (often called “junk mail”) infiltrates our mailboxes on a daily basis. When done wrong, direct mail is nothing more than an eco-disaster (i.e. a massive waste of paper and trees). When done correctly, however, direct mail can positively affect your profits in ways you have never dreamed of. Here are five ways to spruce up your direct mail materials:
  • Color, Color, Color! – A lot of direct mail materials are in boring black and white – often just simple letters written on a plain sheet of 8×11″ paper. Want to spruce up your direct mail materials? Use color – not just color, but high-gloss and vibrant color. Colorful materials that are printed professionally are far more valued than boring old black and while letters.
  • Magnets and Specialty Items – Including magnets and specialty items with your direct mail materials can do wonders for your profits. People love these little “gifts.”
  • Include Local References – If possible, include local expressions and references. Creating geographic-specific direct mail materials can be highly beneficial, as this works to personalize your brand to the consumer.
  • Include Sports Schedules – Include a professionally printed sporting schedule (i.e. the times and locations of a local sporting team’s games) with your logo on it. Sports fans hang onto these; in turn, they hang onto your logo and image.
  • Professional Copy – Use professionally written copy (as in, text) for your direct mail materials. Grammatical errors and poorly written paragraphs make your brand look unreliable and inferior. When your text appears professional, your business appears all the more professional.
Direct mail can be a tricky game; after all, it is quite easy to fall into the “junk mail” trap. Quality, well-written, and colorful materials are the key in making sure that your direct mail is thoroughly read.

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