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8, 2011
Signage has come a long way since the first billboards began appearing on the sides of highways decades ago. Today, companies do not have to wait for customers to see their signs on buildings or the side of the road; instead, the signs can travel directly to the customer! Mobile signs have become one of the latest advertising trends, because they are both cost-efficient and effective. Check out these options in moving signage that you can choose from today.   Mobile Billboards Mobile billboards are typically placed on trailers or trucks to be displayed wherever you might cart along products for your business. These mobile signs serve a dual purpose; in addition to alerting potential customers to your business, you add storage space for toting important business supplies. If you have a mobile business, these moving billboards may be worth considering.   Vehicle Wraps One of the latest in mobile advertising, vehicle wraps cover a vehicle with your company name and information. The wraps are usually attractive and eye-catching, while distraction during driving is kept to a minimum. Some businesses even pay individuals to wrap their vehicles and drive them around town to advertise their company.   Portable Signs Portable signage is designed with mobility in mind, whether you are moving your sign to the sidewalk in front of your business every day or carting it along to your next trade show. Small business owners that like to advertise at local events may find portable signs are a cost-effective way to draw attention to their products and services.   Bumper Stickers and Magnets Bumper stickers are the tried and true means of mobile advertising that have been in existence almost as long as the cars they cover. Magnets signs come in a wide range of shapes and sized, and sport your company logo just like bumper stickers of the past. However, these mobile signs won’t damage the paint on your car like stickers might.   Mobile signage can be a great way to get your company name maximum exposure. Any of these ideas will help you get your business name on the road where potential customer are sure to see it.

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